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I was very upset today when I woke up. I didn’t feel like getting up and going to work, I thought my life was the worst. I was working day and night,I was putting in so much efforts yet the outcomes were not as per my expectations. I went to my office( I had to go, no other option available) I sat beside Priya as usual. I opened my computer and started to make the presentation I was assigned. I got stuck and one point and asked Priya for help, I called her three times but she didn’t respond, she was lost somewhere, maybe she was sad so I patted her back and she came back to reality. I asked her what happened? She said nothing. Less than a 1 minute later she picked up her tissue and wiped her tears. I knew whatever she was dealing with must be terrible because no one likes having an emotional breakdown in front of others! After insisting her a lot,she opened up. She said her husband wanted a divorce! She even had a 3 year old daughter who she had to take care of and her husband was not ready to help her financially or emotionally, he refused to even acknowledge that child as his own. That sounded pathetic, although I was unmarried and had no kids either, I felt her pain. A lot of times in office, Priya didn’t pay attention and I even had to teach her the silliest of things on computer which I found so annoying as  I thought It was common sense and nothing one has to be taught about. I was too quick to judge her, I shouldn’t have because I didn’t know her or anything that was going on in her life, I realized I made a mistake that I myself would have been disgusted if someone else did it. There I was thinking in morning my life was the worst but I was not grateful for the good things in my life, how could I not be? I was so ignorant about the things I should be grateful for in my life. When I was returning home in my car, I saw a cobbler on the footpath. He was looking at a school going boy who seemed to be from a well to do family. He made no expression but his eyes told a lot about what he was thinking. I bet he was wishing to give his children the same kind of lifestyle the school going boy had.  He might be cursing himself or his parents for not giving him the opportunity to make his life better and I bet he was blaming himself right now that his children were going through the same. I wish I could do something about it, but what could I? and there are only so many people I could help. India alone has 14.96 % people living below poverty line. This made me think life was unfair but again I remembered,everything we go through in this life time is the result of our karma's from our past lives. The main thing was that I was not feeling that my life is the worst anymore and I was actually grateful for so many things! I realized what I have is a dream of millions of other people and if I compare there is always going to be someone who’s life is better or worse than mine, but complaining was not going to give any solution to my problems so I decided to be content in what I have and thanked god for making me realize this!