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Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 6

Chapter 6

Vinita and Sandhya request the receptionist to connect the wifi. Receptionist Vinita and Sandhya connect the wifi by giving the password. As soon as the WiFi is connected, the pending WhatsApp messages start coming in the cellphones of both. One of the messages is from Vishal.''I am going to Vasantvila. After completing some work in the local market, don't wait for me tonight. I will come in early morning tomorrow. Sandhya and Vinita get worried after reading this message. He calls Vishal. But Vishal does not receive the call. He made eight to ten calls to Vishal but not a single call was received. So when did Vinita send this message. If it checks the time, the send time is ten minutes ago. He tells Sandhya. This message was sent ten minutes ago. So Vishal has not yet left the local market or will still be close to the just market. I will take a cab from the hotel and go to the local market first. If I don't find Vishal there, I will leave for Vasantvilla. I will keep updating you. As Bharat comes from Thalkedar, take that holy water and come to Vasantavila. If Bharat comes late, you will not come. I am giving you the contact number of Vishal's uncle Pratapsingh Thakur on WhatsApp, if we do not return by tomorrow afternoon, contact him and tell him everything. Because Vishal has been brought up by him and Vishal is his life. And gives one of the protective shields given by Siddhidevi to her and keeps the other two for herself. In no time, the driver of the hotel arrives with a cab. So she gets in a cab and goes to the local market to find Vishal. And Sandhya goes to Siddhidevi's room. And talks with Rachna waiting for Bharat to come. But she is only thinking about Vishal and Vinita. Her attention goes to the wall and the wall clock reads 5:30 pm. And the sun is falling towards the west.


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On this side Vinita moves towards the local market. While Vishal is leaving the local market and moving towards Balkot. Vinita keeps trying Vishal's cellphone. Suddenly Vishal's eyes go to the vibrating cellphone on the seat next to him. He receives the call after reading Vinita's name on the screen. As soon as Vishal receives the call, Vinita starts asking questions. Vishal where are you? Why was my call not received? Are you safe? Why did he leave for Vasantavila without telling anyone? Vishal starts laughing in response, Vinita gets more angry. So Vishal says to take a breath between the two questions. I say everything. I am completely safe. It was like 3:30 when I woke up. Your and Sandhya's sale was coming out of rich. Even Sandhya's intercom was not receiving. On checking at the reception, it came to know that you and Sandhya were seen by the hotel waiter going to Siddhidevi's room. So I understood that you and Sandhya will not let me go to Vasantavila. And maybe you are hiding something from me. So I left a message at the reception that I am going out for you. And I came to the local market to buy some things. I am going to Vasantvila after buying food and drinks from the market and batteries for torches and wood for fire place and matches and kerosene. I didn't want to take you and Sandhya along and risk your lives so I left alone. I will stay there tonight and take you and Sandhya there only after collecting evidence that there is no ghost there and then buy the property. Vinita is stunned for a moment after hearing Vishal's words. But immediately recovers and talks to go with Vishal. Vishal, send me the location where you are, I have come to reach the local market by taking a cab from the hotel. So I will reach your location. Vishal doesn't like it. I will go there alone today, I will take you there only after it is proved that there is no ghost. In reply, Vinita says. If you don't take me with you, then you have my oath. Hence Vishal is forced to take her along. He sends Vinita his current location on WhatsApp and waits for her there. Vinita instructs the cab driver to drive the car according to the location on her WhatsApp. In about twenty to twenty five minutes, Vishal is standing. She reaches the location. And instructing the driver to take a cab back to the hotel, she gets into Vishal's car and both leave for Balkot. and goes to Vasantavila.

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Rachna and Sandhya are sitting talking. Sandhya's eyes are on the clock. She is waiting for Bharat. According to Rachna Bharat should arrive between 6 to 6:30 but even though it is 7 pm there is no news of Bharat. So she says to Rachna why didn't your papa come yet. According to you, he should have arrived half an hour ago. Please call him and ask him when he arrived. Rachna calls Bharat. Bharat says that his car has broken down on the way, so it may take another hour for him to come. The mechanic has reached from Pithoragarh. He is repairing the car. It will take about half an hour to repair it and another half an hour to reach the hotel so it will take an hour to reach the hotel. Its about 8 to 8:15 There is no other way but to wait for Bharat for Sandhya and Rachna.


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Vishal and Vinita are moving towards Balkot and discuss what happened yesterday in Vasantvilla. Vishal explains to Vinita that there is nothing like a ghost. Seeing that, yesterday Siddhidevi with the help of her niece connected the ghost's desire in accordance with my story. And as the illusion of the ghost was created, people add spices to the incident and spread the rumor of the ghost. In fact, there is no such thing as a ghost. Vinita says. As God exists, ghosts also exist. It is your choice to believe or not. But there is some kind of power in that villa. Which is unimaginable. Believe it or not, Siddhidevi and Sandhya both felt that power yesterday. And it is caught in the hidden camera of Sandhya's purse. Sandhya and I have watched the video recording twice in the chip that does not turn on. There is some invisible force acting on Sandhya Singh. I met Siddhidevi this afternoon and I believe in her words. This condition of her is done by the same invisible power. She wants to help you though. Which is an example of her serpent. She says she knows Tantra mantraC. But its use is equally dangerous. So avoid using it until it happens. So they played the drama yesterday. Vinita takes out the protective shield given by Siddhidevi from her purse and puts it on Vishal and wears one herself. Vishal refuses to wear the protective shield. But Vinita convinces him. And when both of them reach Vasantvilla, it is already 8 o'clock.

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Meanwhile, Bharat arrives at the hotel at eight o'clock. Rachna and Sandhya are sitting waiting for Bharat. And Siddhidevi is asleep. Bharat gives the copper pot in Sandhya's hand and says. I have brought this holy water from Thalkedar to Mahadev's feet. This holy water will protect you from the spirits living in the villa and the sprinkling of this holy water will keep the ghost away from you. So first of all go to the villa and sprinkle this holy water. Sandhya takes the copper pot and goes to the reception. and asks for a cab to the hotel. So receptionist says ma'am after 8 pm our cab service only provide emergency service. Because night driving in hills is not safe. So you will not get cab service now. Sandhya requests for a cab. And says that my work is emergency, please arrange the cab for me. The receptionist calls the emergency driver. The driver comes and asks where to go? After hearing the answer, the driver refuses to go to Vasantvilla. He will not go there himself. Despite Sandhya's many requests, the driver flatly refuses to accompany her. That he would not go to Vasantavila at night. Sandhya asks the receptionist for a self-drive car and gets an answer. That such facility is not available in their hotel. On request Sandhya says she doesn't have authority for this I have to talk to manager and take permission if they say yes then I can give you self drive car. The receptionist calls the manager at his cabin and talks to Sandhya about approval of the self drive car. The manager approves the self-drive car. The receptionist says giving the car key to Sandhya. Madam manager sir has given permission for self drive. Sandhya says thank you to the receptionist and takes the car key in hand and drives the car to Vasantvilla.


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On the other hand, after Vinita and Vishal reach Vasantvilla, Vinita first cleans the temple and lights a lamp in front of the idol from the pooja items brought yesterday and lights incense. and decides to stay in one of the two rooms cleaned the previous day. After taking out the food from the food and drinks brought with him, he decided to get together and check every corner of the villa. And sat down to eat. An owl can be heard from far away in the room.