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Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 8

Chapter 8

 Suddenly Vishal and Vinita rush to the next room hearing a noise from the next room. But there is nothing as the cat is seen running out of the room and the cat knocks over the brass flower vase. It sounds because there is a brass vase in the room. Which is moving little by little. From that it can be deduced that it must have just fallen. Vishal looks at the cellphone and it is four o'clock in the night. At that time, Sandhya comes with a pot full of holy water and gives it to Vinita's hand and says, take this for your reserve, with the help of this holy water, you will be able to keep you and Vishal safe. As soon as Vinita takes the pot in hand, Sandhya collapses. What was the need to take such a risk in the middle of the night? Then Sandhya says that she left the hotel at nine o'clock in the night, but the car got punctured on the way, so it took about one and a half to two hours to change the tire. It is not easy for a woman alone to change a tire, madam, you can understand that, since there was a lot of fog in this hill, it took about five hours instead of two and a half hours to cross the unknown mountain road. Vishal also urges Sandhya to take such a risk. After talking to Vishal and Vinita, Sandhya says to leave, it is already half past four in the morning, I should go as the car has to be returned to the hotel early in the morning. Come after you have a leisurely morning and make sure there is no risk in taking this villa to avoid regrets later. Vinita tries to stop Sandhya but Sandhya doesn't stop and walks away. Vishal and Vinita think of resting till morning. Vishal and Vinita go to the cleaned room and sleep. By morning, nothing untoward happens. Around seven o'clock, Vinita opens her eyes and wakes up Vishal. Both wake up and get ready. Vinita leaves for Pithoragarh after performing pooja at the temple and having breakfast from the breakfast she brought the previous day. All this takes about two hours.

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Meanwhile, Siddhidevi is feeling restless in the Pithoragarh hotel. Their condition is better than yesterday. She calls Rachana and takes her help to perform the ritual and pleases Goddess Mahakali that nothing happens to these innocents. Before sitting in the ritual, she calls Bharat and instructs him to contact Gurudev to explain the situation, so Bharata contacts Gurudev and informs him about what has happened here. doing. And requests to come there as early as possible from wherever he is. Gurudev says I am Rishikesh, let me know if needed, I will reach there.


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On the other hand, Vinita and Vishal decide that they should buy this villa based on their experience at Vasant Villa on the road. And before coming to this villa, he will take the opinion of a suitable and qualified architect and also call the guru of Siddhidevi. They come in the range of networks like By calling Sukesh Acharya also he is interested in buying this villa. So says Sukesh in reply. I am reaching Pithoragarh from Dehradun today if you want to take this villa. In a day or two we will settle all the legal formalities. Thus, as soon as the matter of the villa with Sukesh is decided, Vishal decides to call his uncle Pratap Singh Thakur as well. He calls Pratapsingh and says that Pithoragarh himself is going to deal with the villa in this way, so he has to attend the deal and take the key of the villa. Pratap Singh himself says that he cannot come tomorrow but on the last day the need will come. Vishal cuts the call saying that he will make the deal not tomorrow but the next day. Both of them reach the Pithoragarh hotel in talks. It is almost twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Vinita and Vishal come and first go to their room. Vinita reaches Sandhya's room. But Sandhya is not in her room. So when she reaches her room to meet Siddhidevi, Siddhidevi is sitting in ritual. Rachna is in the bathroom. So Vinita waits for her soon Rachna arrives. Rachna and Vinita ask about each other. Then Vinita asks Rachna about Sandhya where is she? Rachna says. Yesterday, after carrying the flask of holy water, it is not the same back to the hotel. We thought Sandhyaben was with you. In reply, Vinita says that Sandhya left Vasantvilla around 4:30 in the morning and said that she had to return the car to the hotel. So I'm leaving early, you come quietly, so Vishal and I left the villa at nine o'clock, by that time Sandhya must have reached here. Let us check at the reception. The receptionist says that since Sandhyasing did not return in the morning, we checked and at 2.30 am the location of her car on our gps tracker shows the last location a little ahead of Khitoli village. According to the GPS tracker, the car did not move from there. One of our team has gone to check it about half an hour ago as any update from our team. I will give you an update as well. Vinita immediately calls Vishal out of the room. He reaches the reception and says that according to the receptionist, the last location of the car at 2.30 am is shown beyond Khitoli village, then how did Sandhya reach Vasantvilla? Vishal says that the gps tracker may be corrupted. So the receptionist says our car is fitted with the latest GPS tracker. Because we provide cars for self drive, we keep complete security. Before giving the car to the guest, we check whether the GPS system is in proper working condition or not, because the chances of accidents also increase in the hills. GPS system was in proper working condition when I gave the car to Sandhya madam yesterday. Vishal asks Vinita to be patient if the hotel team has gone to investigate Sandhya, she will be found soon. Don't worry about her.


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On this side, the team that went to investigate Sandhyasingh, a little further from Khitoli village, sees the car of the hotel stuck in the bush down the hill. They move towards the car. Instead of the car going down the hill and falling into the valley below, it got stuck in the bushes in between. The bush is about ten feet below the hill. Seeing this, a man in the team called the hotel and asked them to send a crane to lift the car out of the bush.


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On the other side, the receptionist tells Vishal and Vinita about the condition in which the car is found. The car has been found but only after it is towed will we know if Sandhyamadam is safe. Vinita faints on hearing this.