Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 5 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 5

Chapter 5

Vinita and Sandhya watch the video by connecting the camera chip in the purse to the laptop. So when Sandhya enters the room there is nothing there. But within few seconds Sandhya is seen trying to save herself from someone. In the video, she is seen trying to escape someone's attack, but the attacker is not seen. In the next few moments Sandhya is seen hanging in the air below the fan. She holds the protective shield around her neck with her bare hands. Suddenly he faints due to fear. And falls down in no time. In such a time, the sun has risen. And Vishal has also come. and brings Sandhya to her senses.Both are seen discussing and later Sandhya is seen moving towards her purse. After that there is no recording in the chip. Because Sandhya took the purse in hand and turned off the camera. Sandhya disconnects the chip connected in the laptop and packs it in the chip box and puts it in the right place. And Vishal's pen camera connects to the laptop. But Sandhya sees that only the conversation and incident with Siddhidevi Rachna and Bharath has been recorded in the pen camera. Nothing else seems suspicious. In that time, Vishal comes fresh from the bathroom, so Vinita calls the reception desk and orders breakfast. Vishal says that till breakfast comes, let's watch the videos of this spy pen and spy purse. In response, Sandhya and Vinita say that first they will have a leisurely breakfast and then watch the videos. Both hid the fact that they had watched the videos. Vishal didn't notice the fear on both of their faces. In no time the waiter comes and serves breakfast. After breakfast, Vishal connects his spy pen to the laptop. As soon as the video starts, in the video Sandhya and Vishal enter the Vasant Villa, remove Rachna's make-up and till Vishal goes to check the right side of the villa. So Vishal says to Vinita, see Vinita, there is nothing like a ghost in this villa, whatever you have heard is just a rumour. So please let me buy this villa. Then Vinita says. We have seen only one camera recording yet. Another recording has yet to be seen. After seeing it, we will decide whether to buy the villa or not because according to Sandhya, she has experienced not one but three ghosts there. So we will first check the recording of the spy camera in the purse and then we will decide whether to buy the villa or not. So we will check the recording first Sandhya, give the chip of the camera you have so we can check what happened to you in the Vasant Villa. ? Seeing and feeling it is your illusion that the truth will be proved. Sandhya takes out the chip from her purse and gives it. Vishal connects it to the camera. But connecting error occurs. The chip is not connected to the laptop. Vishal disconnects the chip and reconnects it, but the chip does not connect to the laptop, but an error message appears on the screen. "device can not connect it may be locked or protected" Seeing this, Vishal asks Sandhya that this chip is password protected, then its password, Sandhya replies that she has not kept any password protection in the chip. Do not know why this chip does not open? Bring this, let me connect it to my laptop, maybe there is no support in your laptop, he takes the chip from Vishal and starts connecting it to his laptop. But sandhya laptop is also getting the same error. Vishal says that don't worry, maybe the chip is locked. We will show it to the technician in the local market and get it unlocked. Then we will get to know what happened in the villa with Sandhya. Right now it's bright all night so I want to sleep till noon and then we will show the chip to the technician in the market and unlock it and decide what to do with the purchase of the villa. So" let us take rest "Vinita says Sandhya and I want to chat. I go to Sandhya's room if we meet many times now. Saying this she and Sandhya go to Sandhya's room and Vishal sleeps. After reaching Sandhya's room, Vinita says to Sandhya, does she know why the chip got locked suddenly? An hour ago, we saw the recording in the chip, it doesn't make sense to see you lifted in the air and thrown in the air to escape from someone. Sandhya turns on the laptop again and connects the chip, then the chip is connected immediately. It also sees the recording, so it stores a copy of the recording in its laptop as a backup. And Vinita runs to her room to call Vishal. But when she reaches the room, she sees that Vishal is fast asleep. So she returns to Sandhya's room without waking up Vishal thinking that Vishal should not be disturbed right now. Sandhya has taken a backup of the recording in the laptop. Even if the chip is not opened, the recording can still be seen. And he wanders into Sandhya's room later. After a detailed discussion with Sandhya, both decide to meet Siddhidevi. Sandhya says.Siddhidevi did a play with her niece yesterday but I see the truth in her eyes the person is not wrong. If we meet her, she will show some way. So let us both meet Siddhidevi and show this recording and consult what can be done next. Sandhya calls Siddhidevi's room on the intercom and informs Rachna that she is coming to meet Siddhidevi. Within a few minutes, Sandhya and Vinita reach Siddhidevi's room. Siddhidevi's body seemed to have been destroyed in a single night. He was in no condition to speak. Sandhya introduces Vinita and Siddhidevi to each other. Vinita pleads with Siddhidevi and says. Please stop Vishal from buying the villa. I want to show you the recording of what happened in the villa right now after you left your villa. Please only you can help me. Please guide me what to do. Sandhya turns on her laptop and shows them what happened with her in the villa. Siddhidevi looks at the recording and looks at Rachna and motions to bring paper and pen. Rachna hands the letterpad and pen to Siddhidevi. Siddhidevi writes on the paper and gives the paper to Vinita. Which is as follows.


I have sent a letter to Vishal this morning through my niece Rachna. That villa is inhabited by not one but seven or more ghosts. Of which Sandhya has already experienced three. It is the ghosts who have inspired Vishal to come here. It is the ghosts who have called and called Vishal here in the villa, they want Vishal's good or bad, they have captured me and taken my word before I know it. So that I can't stop Vishal. I know Tantravidya. But does not use without good reason. I used tantravidya to save Vishal but the ghosts made my tantravidya fall on me, they are very powerful spirits. So you have to be careful. They will call Vishal to the villa and stay, Vishal will go to the villa if not today or tomorrow so you stay with him and take care of him. Judge that I have given the protection shield structure that I have accomplished for you three. And today I have sent Bharat to Thal Kedar to take the holy water of Trivenisangam at the feet of Lord Shiva and bring it in the form of Prasad. The water of Lord Shiva will protect you. Take water whenever you go to that villa. If the ghost bothers you, sprinkle that holy water on him and protect yourself. Water will come by evening. So take water and safety cover and only then enter the villa. In case of need, if you contact my Gurudev, only he can save you from that calamity. It is not my duty to subdue those ghosts. I will give you their details. Contact Gurudev on phone. Mahadev Shiva will protect you.

  Jai Kalbhairav

On meeting Siddhidevi, Vinita felt a strange kind of peace of mind. Both of them came back to Vishal's room after taking Siddhi Devi's leave. If Vishal was awake he could have been shown the recording but the room was locked. So it came to know after checking both at the reception desk. Vishal has gone out after giving the key to the reception.. Asking the receptionist, he tells that your cell phones were out of reach and the intercom was not receiving. Many times there is a network issue in the hills, so your call may not be received. Sir guessed that you might have gone to the local market. So he has left his room key here.Hence both call Vishal. But Vishal's cellphone is out of reach, so both come to Vishal's room. And waits for Vishal. Because there was no option but to wait until Vishal's call came. Vinita and Sandhya spend time in an uproarious atmosphere.