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Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 9

Chapter 9

The crane was called as the car that Sandhya had taken was found, the crane came and started its work. And after about two hours of effort, the car was successfully brought up. As soon as the car door was opened, Sandhya fell out of the seat. Her life was gone. Seeing the car lying in the valley, the staff member of the hotel informed the local police, so the police also arrived and an ambulance was also called. After the police completed the Panchnama ceremony, the hotel car was sent to the garage and Sandhya's body was sent to the hospital for postmortem. It was known only after the report of the hospital that how much time had passed since the accident and the team member from the hotel had called to report the incident and arranged the legal formalities at the hotel and Sandhya's body had been sent to the government hospital for post-mortem. You inform her relative.

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Meanwhile, as soon as the news of Sandhya's death came to the hotel, the hotel manager called Vishal and informed him about the accident and Sandhya's death. As soon as he heard about Sandhya's death, Vishal broke down and wondered if Sandhya had left Vasantvilla in the morning, why did she have an accident at night? Vishal told the manager that if the location of Sandhya's car was traced with the help of your GPS tracker, then how is it possible that Sandhya reached Vasantavila at four in the morning and the accident happened around two and a half in the night? Manager says Sandhya's body has been sent for postmortem. We will have to wait until the exact time of her death is known only after her report comes in and only then will we know what the real facts are. Vishal goes to Vinita, who is sitting in Siddhidevi's room, telling the manager to inform me if there is any update on Sandhya. Vishal comes and informs Vinita about the accident with Sandhya. Vinita gets up screaming. Vishal you are wrong. If Sandhya was with us at half past four in the morning, how can she have an accident at half past two in the night? Vishal said that I also spoke to the manager today and he said that Sandhya's body has been sent for postmortem. All legal formalities at the accident site have been settled by the hotel staff. Siddhidevi is still sitting in the ceremony. Vishal asked Rachna that for how long Siddhidevi has been sitting in ritual and when will her ritual end? Rachna says I don't know, I woke up at five in the morning, she was sitting in the ritual, I don't know when they started the ritual, but their ritual usually lasts for five to seven hours, so the ritual should be completed soon. When she is inspired, she sits in ritual. Now the reason for sitting in the ritual will be known only when their ritual is completed. In no time, Siddhidevi opens her eyes with a tired look on her face. They ask Vishal and Vinita to sit. Now I am going to tell you that you may not believe it. The thing is, you might have come to know about Sandhya's death. She died last night between two and three o'clock. The Sandhya Singh that you met today at dawn was not Sandhya but the soul of Sandhya. At night I felt someone calling for help. I often feel the spirit calling for help. I sit in such a meditation and help by becoming one with the soul. I had the same vision last night around three o'clock, I opened my eyes and sat meditating as if a soul was calling for help. So within a few moments I was in tune with Sandhya's soul. Sandhya said that there was an accident on the way to Vasantvilla. She was constantly worried about your safety and wanted to bring you holy water so that nothing would happen to you in Vasantvila and you stay safe. So I helped that soul to reach Vasantvila and also urged her. Couldn't stay in Vasantvilla for more than an hour I brought her to Vasantvilla with spiritual help. She left within half an hour after handing you the kalash and giving you a reason to return the car to the hotel as quickly as possible. She returned to me at about half past five. Later I remembered Gurudev and performed a ritual for your protection. Some things have come to light in it, which is a relief, but I cannot tell you now, but I will tell you in due course. You know that there is no danger from the spirits living in that villa. Rather, those spirits want you to buy that villa. So he did not show you any miracle or hurt you. Those spirits don't want anyone but your family to enter that villa. That is why he showed a miracle. But they did not bother me after knowing that I wish you well. My Gurudev has known all this and he has told me that from time to time I will show you the history of Vasantvilla. You can buy that villa. So you go ahead with it. As I said, if there is any premonition, I will tell you. That property is for you. No one will find it except you. Vishal and Vinita kept listening silently. Vishal said to Siddhidevi I agree with you. Now we will proceed under your guidance. The owner of Vasantvilla is coming this evening to agree the sale of Vasantvilla. That the document work will be completed within two days.

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On this side, Sukesh Acharya had asked his advocate to prepare the sale document of Vasantvilla. He left Dehradun for Pithoragarh with the prepared document. He was happy today because today his troubles were going to go away after twenty five years this villa had become a trouble for him. It was like a dead investment. The conspiracy hatched for Vasantvilla and other properties began to succeed.


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It was evening, Vishal and Vinita were in the hospital, Sandhya's postmortem had already been done. And the hospital gave possession of Sandhya's dead body to Vishal and Vinita as relatives and settled the legal proceedings. Sandhya grew up in an orphanage. She was working with Vishal for the past ten years. Vishal and Vinita and their team were her family. So Vishal kept Sandhya's dead body in the morgue and decided to cremate it the next day as it was evening. According to the postmortem report, Sandhya died the previous day between two and three in the morning. Knowing that, Vishal trusted Siddhidevi while Vinita's faith in Siddhidevi doubled.