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Love By Accident - 15

Arnav started his bike. Sahil sat in the back seat. Ayesha and Ritu followed them on their scooty. All of them reached the entrance of the restaurant. As they entered a lady with traditional attire welcomed them. She guided them to a four-seater dining table, gave them the menu and left. They made themselves comfortable on the chairs and beheld the beautifully decorated interiors. The sweet fragrance was so refreshing that it made them feel like in garden full of scented flowers. Arnav was so happy. He was constantly looking towards Ayesha who was sitting in front of him. But Ayesha was busy watching the fancy lights and decorations. Sahil was sitting beside him. He was looking at Arnav and smiling. Arnav felt Sahil looking at him, so turned his face towards him. And Arnav’s reaction was “What”. Sahil just shook his head to say “Nothing”. Then Arnav took the menu card,

Arnav: Hey! Ayesha, Ritu! What would you like to order?
Ayesha: Um.. Just some snacks and coffee..
Arnav: No yaar…. It’s my first-ever treat. Don’t be ashamed. Order freely.
Ritu: Oh if you say so, then……………

Ritu ordered food for Ayesha and her. Arnav and Sahil ordered food for themselves. Soon the food is served. The food was delicious. Even the smell is enough to fill one’s belly. They ate heartily and asked the waiter for the bill. The waiter came with the bill. It was ₹4,730 rupees including GST. Arnav took out his wallet to pay. But Ayesha interrupted.

Ayesha: Hey! It is too much money. Split the bill.
Arnav: No it’s only 5000. I will pay. Don’t bother.

Arnav took out 5000 rupees from his wallet and put it in the bill card. The waiter took it happily.
After the dinner, they came out of the restaurant. He was happy. His happiness was clearly seen on his face. Sahil and Ritu went to bring their vehicles. Arnav and Ayesha were alone at the entrance. They were silent. The chill wind was blowing. The air was refreshing. Ayesha was rubbing her palms to form some heat but it wasn’t sufficient. She took out her cap from her bag and wore it. Arnav was just observing her. He wanted to talk with her. He didn’t know where to start. But he started,

Arnav: It’s so cold out here na.
Ayesha: Hmm. Too much cold. The weather forecast said that it will be colder this year than in previous years. And the fog. Uffffffffff…… I don’t like it. I can’t even see anything.
Arnav: Yes. But isn’t it beautiful? The air is so much refreshing. And the fog is too much beautiful. It is like clouds on the roads. I love it.
Ayesha: Ohh you have different perspectives.
Arnav: Hmm. You can say that. By the way, you look very much cute in that cap. (He finally said this. He couldn’t control himself from saying that.)
Ayesha(in a confused way looked at her): Am I?
Arnav: Yes… But don’t get me wrong. I just felt it.

By that time, Ritu and Sahil had come.

Arnav: Hey what took you so much time? What were you both doing there?
Sahil: Actually, that girl couldn’t find the keys. She was searching everywhere but not in her bags.
Ritu: Hey.. Liar. I searched for it there. But it wasn’t there.
Sahil: Ohh, so the ghost kept it there after you searched it.
Ritu: NO…. I mean how do I know it was there? It was almost dark there.
Sahil(mimicking her): It was almost dark. He he. I showed you the flash.
Arnav: Hey stop both of you. Don’t argue like small kids.
Sahil and Ritu at once: Tell him/her that.
Ayesha: OK okay. Now let’s go, Ritu. We are already late. Thanks for giving us a treat, Arnav. Now let us go. We have assignments.
Arnav: Sure. Bye bye.

Arnav and Sahil went on the bike. Here, Ayesha and Ritu went to their hostel. Arnav dropped Sahil at his home and departed for his home. After reaching home, Arnav went to the kitchen. He took a water bottle from the fridge and drank it. His mom was watching television. He went to his mom and sat on the sofa.

Urmila: How was the movie?
Arnav: I didn’t go to the movie. We just played video games at Sahil’s house. And then went to have dinner at a new restaurant.
Urmila: So. You won’t have dinner tonight?
Arnav: yes.
Urmila: OK.
Arnav: Ohk Mom. I will go now and do my assignments. Bye.
Urmila(with a smile on her face): OK bye.

In the room, Arnav lay back on the bed and opened his phone. He opened WhatsApp. After 4 contacts, there was a girl with a salwar suit. She looked amazing. She tapped on the DP and stared at the photo for some time. After some time, he realized what he was doing And told himself “Arnav. Don’t be stupid. What are you doing? Why are you smiling? Don’t do any stupidity…” He then opened the chats. She was online. It made him smile again. He typed “Hi” and sent it. For some time there was no reply. After a minute or two, the message got a blue tick. And it showed typing.
“Reached safely?”
“Yes. And you?”
“Yes. How was the food?”
“Really nice. Thank you so much.”
“ Arey. Dosti mein no sorry no thanks. But I want to ask you a question.”
“Hm. Ask”
“Do you really forgive me? I mean are you mad at me? I am really sorry.”
“You just told ‘Dosti mein no sorry no thanks’ and now you are saying sorry. And sorry for what? I can’t remember what have you done. Actually, After that food, I kinda forgot what had happened in the last two weeks🙄🙄.”
“Oh .. Good for me then.”
Arnav couldn’t think of any other thing. What should he chat about now and on what topic? He didn’t want to end the chat. But it was kinda of awkward. Already two minutes have passed. So unwontedly he told her….
“Oh then. Good night. See you in the college.”
“ Gnsdtc”
“??. What does it mean?”
“Tell you next time.”
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