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Love By Accident - 14

Arnav was finally relieved knowing that a hope was still alive. But he had to do everything very carefully. Even a single thing could ruin all his efforts. Although he had explained everything to Sahil, still his heart was pounding. And fortunately, Ayesha would go to the garage straight after the college. It would be a convenient spot to meet her and explain everything to her. And her mom won’t doubt anything. And no chance, that Ridhima would interrupt. It was a perfect idea. He had to execute it perfectly.

It was about 2.30 pm. Arnav became ready. His favorite lucky shirt, his perfume, his watch everything was perfect. He set his hair and put his wallet and phone in his pocket. He came downstairs. His mom asked her
“Beta! Where are you going this time? You look very happy.”
“No Mama. Just got a call from the mechanic that my bike is ready. Finally, going to get my bike. And mama! I will go to Sahil’s place after picking up the bike. We are going to watch a new movie.”
“Ohk! But why so soon? Your college will be over at about 4.30 pm. So why now?”
“Actually Mama! I have to make tickets. And I have to test ride whether my bike is fully functional or not.”
“OK, beta.. Have fun and be safe. Bye bye. And keep calling me ohk…”
“Ohk mama…… Bye…….’

Arnav reached the garage. He was looking so handsome that some girls on the bus were constantly looking at him. But it was normal for him. He didn’t even bother.
It was about 3.15 pm when he reached there. The mechanic was there. He gave him the keys. Arnav paid him and asked the mechanic
“Bhaiya! Did that girl come?”
“No bhaiya! She didn’t. She will come at about 5 pm. And btw bhaiya, Do you have any work with her?” The mechanic replied.
Arnav said “Ok Ok. Actually, I need your help. I will give you extra money if you say.” And he explained everything to him.
The mechanic said “No bhaiya ji! Why should I take the money? It is just a mere help. So, no worries. I will help you.”

Arnav was relieved. He started his bike. The bike roared. It was all new. He turned the accelerator and went somewhere. After 1 hour he returned there. He gave some flowers and chocolates to the mechanic to keep it in a cool place away from sunlight. He just had to wait there. To wait until she comes. He put out his phone and started scrolling Instagram to kill time. But it didn’t help. He was waiting eagerly to meet her. It was already 4.50 pm. Ayesha hadn’t come. But Sahil came there. Sahil was a little confused. He had never seen him this eager to meet someone. He couldn’t understand what was in his mind. He came near Arnav and sat beside him.

Sahil: Hi boy! Are you really my friend? What had happened to you?
Arnav: Yes pal! I am your chaddi buddy friend. What could have happened to me?
Sahil: Nothing. Just thinking about what will happen to you now.
Arnav: What do you mean by that?
Sahil: Kuch nhin…. Never mind.
Arnav: Why are you acting weird?
Sahil (whispered to himself): Clearly seems who is weird.

Arnav was waiting. He was goddamn serious. It was almost 5.20 p.m. when Ritu and Ayesha came to the garage. They came here walking. Probably they hadn’t got any rickshaws. When she was about to ask the mechanic about her scooty, she saw Arnav sitting on the side by the bench. Ayesha had never thought that Arnav could be there. She elbowed Ritu gesturing at his presence. Ayesha was in no mood to start another drama. She had thought that Arnav wouldn’t meet her again cause she had not seen him in the college. Seeing him, she suddenly turned her face towards Ritu. She whispered to Ritu, “Hey! What is he doing here? Listen don’t talk to him. Just take the scooty and we will go.” Ritu nodded in agreement. Ritu again checked Arnav. He was directly looking towards them. Ayesha back-facing Arnav. Ritu could see Arnav behind Ayesha. Ritu told her “He is looking straight towards us. But you should admit, he is so handsome and perfect except for his flaws and that bi*ch Ridhima.” Ayesha rolled her eyes in annoyance. She was not interested in these talks. The next time he saw Arnav, she found that he was coming towards them. “Hey!!!!!!! He is coming. He is coming to us.” Ayesha was just mad at that time. It was over for her patient. She turned towards him in order to find Arnav a few inches away from her.

Her breath suddenly became heavy. She forgot what she was going to say. He was so near that he could smell his scent. It was just refreshing which made her forget everything. But to break her from her inner thoughts, Ritu coughed from behind. As soon as she came to her senses she realized that she had said everything and ended everything there. But before she started to speak, Arnav spoke. His voice was thick and serious. Anyone could tell from his voice that he was grieving and pleading.

Arnav: Hey. Before you say something please listen to me. I am so sorry for whatever had happened to you and whatever Ridhima told you. I don’t know how to convince you and how to beg forgiveness. I am literally pissed off me. I had never done anything like that. Since you are my junior I tried to trick you and I didn’t do it in order to hurt your feelings. I don’t know what had gotten into my mind. I didn’t know that you would catch a fever. I didn’t even know that Ridhima would catch you behaving like a shit. I can’t undo anything and I am really sorry for that. First I hit you with my bike, then touched you without your permission and again hid your letters and pretended not to receive it. And therefore, I deserve punishment and you should punish me. You can tell everything to the principal and I won’t even open my mouth.

He was now weeping. Water filled his eyes and dropped down his cheeks. All the guilt was now seen on his face. He was breaking. Ayesha could see in his eyes that he was really upset and tensed and blamed himself for everything. But he shouldn’t deserve this. He had tried to say sorry for a lot of times. But all the time, he got no chance to explain himself. He was innocent. And in every situation she was at equal fault. She looked at Arnav. He was looking down and wiping his tears. What should she do now? She couldn’t hang him in that position. She had to do something. Either this way or that way.

Ayesha: Sir! Sir!
Arnav looked up.
Ayesha: I can’t forgive you. (Hearing this Arnav’s face became pale.) So……. YOU…. HAVE…. TO….GIVE….ME…. TREATS….

Upon hearing this Arnav became so happy that he was even going to hug Ayesha. But he retracted himself. Ayesha was happy too. She knew Arnav wasn’t bad but what he did was wrong. But now he had realized that.
Arnav: So…… No more grudges I guess….
Ayesha: Yes…
Arnav: But one more thing. Don’t call me sir. I am Arnav.
Ayesha: OK Arnav.
Arnav: So friends.
Arnav raised his hand for a handshake. Ayesha shook hands. And replied,
Ayesha: Friends.
Arnav: I have bought something for my friend.
Ayesha: And what is that?
Arnav: Aree bhaiya! Mere dost ke liye tohfa pais kiya jaye.
The mechanic brought a blue orchid bouquet of flowers and two Dairy milk Silk.
Ayesha: Wow. How do you even know that it my favorite flower?
Arnav: From your Insta.
Ayesha: Someone has been doing research. Haan… Or stalking. Arnav, it is bad manners.
Arnav: It is nothing like that yaar. It’s not like I was stalking your insta handle. It’s the post that came suddenly. Leave it. Let’s go to eat something. I am really hungry. I should start giving you treats right from now. And don’t deny it. It would be my pleasure to do so. And Ritu is invited too. Iske bina to treat adhura reh jayega.
Sahil(from behind): And me. Kutte apne hi dost ko bhool gaya.
Arnav: Tu to mera bachha hey. Ujhe kaise bhool jaun.

But Ritu seemed to be serious. Arnav asked her about her tension.

Arnav: What happened Ritu any problems?
Ritu: I don’t have any problems. But someone may have problems.
Arnav: And who is that person?
Ritu: Your girlfriend.
Arnav(in confusion): What!!! My girlfriend.
Ritu: Yes.
Arnav: But who is my girlfriend that I don’t know? ( He looked at Sahil in question, but Sahil seemed to have no answer)
Ritu: Aree!! Your great great great Girlfriend Miss Ridhima.
Arnav and Sahil both spoke “Whatttttttt…………” and laughed at once.
Arnav(still laughing): Really! Ridhima. What made you think so? I don’t even like her.
Ritu: Then why does she behave like that?
Sahil: Actually! She is his family friend and she likes him. But Arnav doesn’t even talk with her. So she always tries to impress him and sticks to him.
Ritu: Oh now I see. (She chuckled and winked at Ayesha.)
Arnav: Now leave this topic. Let’s go. Which restaurant do you want to go?
Sahil: Let’s go to some fancy place.
Arnav: Haan! Only if you will give your part of money.
Sahil: Isn’t the treat valid for me?
Arnav: Nope.
Sahil sighed.
Arnav: just kidding bro.. I can’t do anything without you. Tell me Where to go.
Ritu: It’s your treat. So you decide.
Arnav: There is a new restaurant opened here in the last week. I haven’t tried that yet. So if you agree, let’s go there. What do you say, Ayesha?
Ayesha looked at Ritu and then nodded her head in agreement.
Sahil: Then why are we waiting here guys? Let’s go.
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