Revenge of the ghost - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Revenge of the Ghost - 1

This is a story about a nice small city named Vikramnagar. This city is named after the king who had ruled the city centuries ago. The name is Vikramnagar. The city is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is an extremely beautiful and picturesque city. The beauty of nature is scattered almost in each and every atom of sand, water and air over here. This city has many temples and has an impressive mythological background. It is a saying in this city that Lord Shiva is the guardian of this city.

It was around 11 pm. The entire city was blanketed with darkness. It was pitch black. There was not a single person outside their homes. It was one of the coldest nights of the year. There was a single bridge connecting to the outer world. The bridge looked scary and empty and without any lights on the bridge it was difficult to make out anything in this dark night. There was not even a single living soul there on the bridge.

Suddenly two high beamed lights bounced back from the railings of bridge. The bridge came to life. The car was driven without any sense of direction as if the driver has lost control over the car. The driver seemed drunken, but he was screaming very loudly but his sound was not heard outside the car. His screams were becoming louder and louder. He was trying vehemently to get out of the car. But it seemed like the car has become alive and was not in mood to let him go.

The car was speeding at a fatal speed. Then with a loud bang car broke the railings and dropped dead in the river below. The bang was so loud that everyone woke up with a sense of fear in their hearts. The car was now completely in the flames. The smell of petrol was so heavy as if the entire city were covered in it. People ran out of their homes to the bridge. They saw the most horrific scene of their lives. The driver was screaming louder and louder and it seemed that he was boiling from inside. Though the screams are very loud, outside there was no sound at all apart from the sound of fire and the flow of the river. Finally, the driver died in agony and then everybody came to their senses. Someone called the local police.

Police jeep arrived on the scene with an inspector and a few constables. They had to cover their noses because of the smell of burned flesh and gasoline. Inspector’s name is Ravindra Thakur. Ravindra watched the scene very closely to determine whether it was an accident or something else. From the first sight he was not able to see any signs of foul play. It seemed that driver lost control over the car and fell in the river. He wrote accident in the police report and asked to send his body for post-mortem. Though he knew that they are not going to find anything new.

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