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You are not Mine - 2

aarvi is still in thoughts..
she could not sleep last night..

she thought " whats wrong with viraag.. why he changed last part of their dance..
why he had proposed me..
at that time i was so blank
so i didnt accept it.. & left the place..
why he had done so..
is that his new agenda of fun making ?
or he has done that intentionaly to give tough competition to other dance competitors & kept it secret..
but atleast he should tell me..

if he had informed me then we might done it more beautifully ..
whats so wrong with him..

is he proposed me in reality ?
oh please dont even thought for that..aarvi
aarvi concluded in her mind..
i even dont like viraag as a person.. he is a good dancer.. so on the insistence of our professor i accepted him as a dance partner..
i even dont like his arrogance.. stupid pranks & behavior...

she reminded herself.. she heardly talk with him in their first year.. she reminded her fights.. stupid pranks & totally unbelivable behavior of him.. even she dont like his friend circle .. total waste of time & money...

she was in thoughts & jenny interupt her..
" aarvi.. are you upset.. ? i am watching you from last 10 minutes but you had not even felt my presence that i am standing infront of you..
what happened ?
you can tell me..
is it about your dance ?

you both have dance so beautifully yesterday night.. your chemistry was too good..but i feel your dance was incomplete ..
why you people had choosen the theme of denial..where girl left without accepting his love?

you people had changed or last part or what ?
because earlier in reharsals i didn't mark that last proposal part.. indeed proposal was too beautiful.. you might win the competition .. but why the girl i mean you left.. audience & judge didnt understood .. might be thats why you didnt won the competition..

hello..? aarvi... are you hearing me ..?
again lost in thoughts .. uff.. are you alright..

aarvi spoke " oh my chattar pattar.. box.. i am so tired.. and exhausted.. but dont you worry.. i am alright.. and yes our theme was changed in the last minutes .. we want to do something different..thats why.. and that doesnt matter we won or not.. we enjoyed you understood.. now dont think much and lets go for lunch "
aarvi stood up and left..

jenny was not satisfied with the answer as she know aarvi.. i have to find the truth she thought and followed aarvi for the lunch..

i cant tell any one till i understand the matter..
i am sorry jenny i cant explain you now i wll surely share once i clarify why viraag has done so.. aarvi thought in her mind

In hostel canteen aarvi's eyes are searching for viraag.. he was not there.. raghav was there.. & giving strange look to her as she committed some crime or what..