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You Are not Mine - 10

viraag is in the thoughts of revenge with aarvi.. he got ready and reached college with raghav.
he entered classroom, injury mark of yesterday is still on his face and anger on his mind.

he watched aarvi talking with fellow classmate.. with anger in his eyes.. after few seconds aarvi realised that viraag is staring at her.. she turned her eyes away in disgust. that make viraag more angry.. he clinches his fist on benches and take his sit.. with chance of revenge in his mind.

aarvi is fearless girl.. she even doesnt have regret what she had done with viraag.

few days passed viraag is searching the chance of revenge.. In some psychology lecture, they have chapter of various phobia..

in the conversations of different phobias between professor and students.. viraag came to know that aarvi has claustrophobia. viraag found the chance.. he made his mind to take advantage of this chance to take his revenge.

the next day he waited till the classes finished .. according to his plan .. he told raghav to tell nishant that virag is calling you upstairs.. and otherside viraag told tara to tell aarvi that nishant is calling you in the anatomy lab.

according to the plan when class finished raghav informed nishant that viraag is calling you upstairs..nishant felt strange but nishant went upstairs..there he found viraag

he greeted nishant and asked to solve some queries related to their subject, nishant found it strange but he tried to help him.

tara found aarvi alone and informed her that nishant is calling you in the anatomy lab.. aarvi found it strange but she went to anatomy lab..

when she entered anatomy lab.. calling the name of nishant.. raghav found a chance and close the door from the outside.

aarvi traped inside.. she realised the situation.. she open her bag and searching for her mobile to call jenny or nishant or any fellow classmate to inform..
she found that her mobile was missing from the bag.. she understood that she was planned to trap by someone . she felt helpless.. as she know she is claustrophobic... she tried to stay calm.... breathe deep..
but she cant help herself.. she felt anxiety

she is continuously knocking the door.. no one is hearing her as the lectures are finished .. and most of students left and some of them are in canteenes.. and the anatomy lab is on the fourth floor of building so no one is there to hear her yelling and knocking.

after some time viraag told nishant that his queries are clear.. now he may go.. nishant bid good bye and come downstairs..

he was searching for aarvi everywhere. he called her but her phone got unanswerable. he went to canteen.. he found jenny and asked about aarvi..

jenny told that she herself is waiting for aarvi.. she told me that nishant is calling me.. we will go to hostel in sometime.. so i wait for her here

nishant said .. " what ? " i was there with viraag.. i was solving his queries of todays topic.. even i felt strange that he want me to solve his queries ... there is something fishy "

jenny said " what viraag asked you for help.. ?he hates you as you are best friend of aarvi.. he hates aarvi.. as she taught him a lesson on the very first day of her college.. there is something ..... might be he is taking revenge... lets find aarvi first... !

they both are in tension searching for aarvi... on the other hand aarvi is tired of yelling and knocking... she felt suffocating..

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I loved this story YOU ARE NOT MINE because i have exactly the same story as aarvi and viraag of my real life so i ooved it...... Contionue the good work....

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