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You Are not Mine - 7

Nishant reached to the hostel..
its only 2-3 days he was away from aarvi
still he felt he want to see aarvi as soon as possible..
he missed her smile.. her sparkling eyes.. her long hairs.. her talk..the way she speak his name ' nishant '
he was so fond of her from his childhood.
they were staying in the same society.. even there school was same.. and so they are childhood besties.

he left hostel as soon as possible and entered the college. he entered their class..

place : college class room

his eyes are searching for aarvi.. there she is his mind said..
talking to maya her college mate..
her long hairs flowing in the air..
she was talking..
actually when she speak not only her lips
but her eyes are keep talking.. she was in white kurti that actually suits her so much.

nishant was staring at her for while..
and jenny came and said " Hi.. Nishant.. '
' Hey aarvi Nishant came ' she spoke loudly to aarvi

and aarvi's eyes turned towards her and then towards nishant.. she smiled..and came to nishant.. hold his hand and said " thank god you have come " sighed in relief

nishant felt happy as well as confused why she talked like that "
he asked " what happened ?"

aarvi replied " nothing .. we will talk in lunch time.. our lecture is about to start.. "

and professor tripathi entered the class.. so they were all attending the class..

aarvi is trying to hide but her eyes are also searching for viraag.. as she find he was absent in class..

Nishant was observing that aarvi's eyes are searching for someone.. he decided to ask her in break..

place : glorious hospital

viraag is talking to his mother and his bua ( aunty) and brother karan has come to visit Mr.shah (viraag's father ).

his bua ran towards Mr.shah's bed.. show him with tears in her eyes.. and asked " how are you Mota bhai ( big brother) ? sorry i am little late.."

Mr. shah said " its ok dear sister.. i am better now.. hows sharad ( her husband) and karan ( her son) ?

" karan came with me.. he is talking to viraag.. motabhai and we will stay with you till you become all fine..sarad will come in few days" bua said

" i understand buisness matters " mr.shah said

they all were talking for sometimes.. Mrs veena and bua left to home. karan and viraag was waiting for final reports

karan was talking over the fon with her girlfriend as she was asking about mr.shah's well being..
that reminded viraag about aarvi... he look at the time and assume that aarvi and all might be attending lectures.. he thought...

ढुंढती हैं जिस तरह मेरी नजरे तूम्हे
तूमहारी आंखे भी मुझे ढूंढती होगी क्या
नहीं भूल पाता हु जो लम्हें तूम संग बीते
तूम्हे भी मेरी थोड़ी ही सही याद आती होंगी क्या
इजहार-ऐ-ईश्क का जवाब ना दिया ना सही
दिल ही दिल मैं थोड़ा सा तो प्यार करती होगी क्या

" Bhai.. viraag .. bhai.. i am calling your name thrice.. where have you lost.. doctor has came"
karan said and they both become busy talking to the doctor

to be continued .....

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