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You Are not Mine - 6

thoughts on viraag's mind

कितना भी रोकु आ जाता है जहन मैं
ये खयाल तेरा जो मुझे सोने नहीं देगा
एक आंंसु हैं ठहरा पलकों पे तेरे नाम का
हालात एसे हैं कि दिल अब रोने नहीं देगा
कहांं किसी का था मैं आज तक पर
तेरा होना अब तो किसी का होने नहीं देगा

viraag was waking in the hospital.. raghav was asleep beside on the bed near viraag's father.
viraag tried to sleep but somehow he couldnt

place: At nishant's home

The next day nishant was in hurry to leave home and to reach hostel.. and obviously to meet aarvi

nishant was packing his bags.. his mother said
" cant you stay one more day.. see uncle aunts about to leave tommorrow.. you also leave by tommorrow "

nishant said " mom please i have lectures also i cant stay more and next time when i will come.. i will come to live here for more days " ok mom"

his mother just noded understanding the situation

nishant hugged his parents .. bid good bye to uncle aunt and left for the hostel. inside he was very happy that he was about to see aarvi in next few hours.

he got the bus.. and on the way he was all in thoughts of aarvi from childhood till now.. he was continuously smiling and headphones on.. hearing beautiful love songs. and his mobile rang it was from aarvi.

" hello"
" hello nishant.. are you coming today or not?"
"yeah aarvi i am on my way.. i will meet you directly in the class"
" ok then see yaa"
" see you" nishant cut the phone and smiled

on the other side aarvi is in great relief thinking that ' thank god nishant is coming .. thoughts of viraag disturbed my mind '

"nishant is comming ??" jenny aarvi's roommate and friend asked her

" yeah he is on the way.. he will be there in class today.." aarvi replied

"great " jenny replied seeing relief on aarvi's face

place : glorious hospital

viraag's father Mr. Shah woke up.. viraag is near his bed.. watching his father viraag asked
"papa.. how are you... ? " how are you feeling now?"

" better beta... are you waking all night.. your eyes are telling ?"

" No.. papa" viraag lied

"i will call the doctor " viraag sighed towards raghav and left the room
raghav noded

after few minutes viraag came with doctor...
doctor check his father asked some questions
and told viraag that

" everything is under control.. he seems fine now..but we will conduct one last test report at the end of the day.. if it will came okay then we may discharge him.. you may take him home "

" hmm okay doctor " viraag replied

doctor left

" viraag come here beta" his father said

" yes papa "

" beta i am feeling almost fine now .. you can leave for college.. see your bua(aunty) and brother karan (auntie's son) is also coming. they will be with us for some days.. veena ( viraag's mother ) is not alone... dont spoil you lectures"

" papa.. you please stay calm.. i am not going anywhere .. you please recover fully first " viraag aid

" beta but raaghav... you should not spoil his college" his father said

" its okay uncle.. we will collect the lectures notes and learn them from classmates" raaghav said

" No raghav.. you should leave" viraag said

after some arguments between them raghav was ready to leave.

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