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You Are not Mine - 5

viraag and Raghav reached hospital.. entered the room in which viraag's father admitted.
on seeing viraag his mother hugged him and crying.. viraag had seen his father half unconciously lying on the bed.. tear roll down his cheek.

he sat near his fathers bed while raghav giving condolence to viraag's mother.

viraag rolling his hand in his father's head and said " dear.. papa.. look i have come.. i will stay here.. with you.. come on open your eyes.. i love you papa.. viraag hold his fathers hand.. his fathered murmered his name in half unconcious state.. "viraag.. have come.. love you beta.. missed you"

"please papa.. dont try to speak much.. i am here only.. you take rest.. i will take care all other things , don't worry papa.." viraag told his father

after sometime viraag stood up and said to his mother " i am going to meet doctor with raaghav and completing other formalities "
his mother noded

viraag and raaghav left the room

on the otherside aarvi is in bed with all the thoughts in her mind.. and her phone was rang..
she took the phone it was from nishant.

she picked up " hello "
" Hello aaru how are you.. seems so busy?
its 11pm at night.. i was expecting your call from morning .. but you didnt even text your best friend ?
we hadnt talk from two days"

" hello aaru.. say some thing.... still not talking to me" sorry yaar" nishant said

" why you didnt attend my dance.. our function and you are saying you are my best friend?"
aarvi replied in anger

" see you know aarvi.. it was necessary to come home.. it was mumma's order.. she didnt met us for a long time and my uncles also came at home
otherwise i will love to attend your dance and yeah mumma was missing you and wanted to talk to you.. but its late.. i will make a call tommorrow "

" you dont need to.. i will call auntie tommorow.. you say when you are coming .. jenny was also asking about you "

" i will try to come tommorrow or day after tommorrow.. we have classes also.. so try to come soon"

" ok see you soon bye " aarvi said

" hey what bye ?? how was your dance ?"

" we will talk about that when we meet.. bye i feel sleepy.. good night "
aarvi cut the phone without hearing further

"hello..he..hello" nishant said but before that phone was cut.. nishant thought might be viraag had done something.. have to ask her when i met her..

nishant opened his photogallery and scrolling photos of him and aarvi... he smiled and said "Miss you my Aaru... see you soon " and he went to sleep

On the otherside aarvi is in the bed.. trying to sleep.. but the moments of her dance with viraag flashes in her mind..

how at the end of dance..
he came so closure to her..
looking in her eyes so hypnotecally..

first time aarvi has seen different spark in his eyes... few moments passed just that way..
she even forgot to breathe... he has asked so firmly.. " Aarvi.. WILL YOU BE MINE ?"

aarvi skip a beat of her heart..
and felt that what was going on..
is it dream or what..
time has stopped ..
everything is unvisible..
only she and viraag was there..
after few moments she heard huge chaos from audience especially from girls "say yess aarvi..say yess yes "

aarvi came in to her senses.. she didnt understood whats going on.. she got blank.. she ran away from stage leaving viraags hand.

why viraag proposed her.. thus thoughts didnot let her sleep.

on the otherside viraag was in thoughts sitting near his father's bed in hospital