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You Are not Mine - 4

viraag was in aarvi's thoughts and his mobile rang.. viraag didn't notice it he was lost in thoughts..
raghav came near him with phone.. " viraag your phone was ringing from while.. " it was from your mom, just take it "

"please raghav you talk from my behalf and tell her i am tired so i am sleeping , please
if i talk to her she will come to know that i am disturbed "

raghav understood the situation and took the call " hello ? yes auntie? raghav is sleeping so... he was just answering and he heard her mom was crying..telling that " beta tell viraag to come home immediately .. his father had minor heart attack ..he was survived because we reached on time to hospital but i am very scared and he was continue taking viraag's name, we are in glorious hospital.. his mother was sobbing.."

"Auntie dont worry we are coming" raghav said

raghav cut the call and informed viraag that your father had heart attack .. it will take 4 hours to reach surat..we cant manage flights also so i will drive.. just lets go..

viraag is again in sudden shock.. but somehow he gathered courage and both viraag and raghav left for hospital in surat

raghav was driving and viraag was beside him
raghav is continuously giving condolences to him that everything will be alright..

oneside viraag is thinking about his father that he had a father who is less as a father but more as a friend.. how hardworking he his every wish is fulfilled by his father..

on the otherside aarvi's thoughts are still taken over his mind.. how she left the dance floor.. how rude and how stubborn she is.. how they had a fight on their first meet.. how they annoyed each other everytime.. how they didnt like each other.. but one thing he hadnt understand " how he had fallen in love for her ? '

raghav had seen that viraag was very sad and in thoughts he was again telling him that " uncle is survived dont be so sad "

viraag said " raaghav i am either so selfish or i am gone made.. my father is in hospital.. i am still thinking about aarvi ? i am very bad as a son.. i got worlds best father and how selfish i worst i am as a son.. i have to stay away from her.. tears roll down his cheeks.. "

after hearing this raghav is in utter disappointment "you are thinking about aarvi at this time ? i cant belive this
actually you are right.. you better stay away from her.. you both are so different .. you cant make a good pair.. you even dont know her background .. even i dont feel she is intrested in you.. she is always with his best friend nishant and i doubt.. they might love each other..
you didnt mark but i always observed that nishant didnt like you both dance together even he was absent in college from few days"

viraag said " i dont know about that.. but i know that i love my father so much.. no one can take over that place.. i have to focus on my dad's health and i even dont want to think about her"
viraag said and concluded in his mind

after few hours they reached to the hospital.