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A Flying Mountain - 9

A Flying Mountain

Episode 9


Stuck in the thoughts of how Momo can bring everyone who is unconscious back to consciousness, Momo sees before he can understand anything that the red stone that divides the spring into two is again visible between the springs. Momo is extremely surprised. Frightened by the incident and startled by the surprise, Momo slowly goes to see the red stone on which the waterfall of the spring falls and divides into two parts. Momo would have just walked two steps, and saw that the red stone is moving slowly in the water.

At that moment, a terrifying and monstrous form appears to be slowly approaching Momo from behind the waterfall. The sounds of birds and wild beasts all around suddenly stop, as if trying to hide their existence from a giant monster. There is a sudden strange change in the atmosphere. Now Momo experiences an incredible silence there, he can hear his own heartbeat even amidst the roar of spring water. Momo feels like something terrible is about to happen and before he can understand anything more, a giant snake's mouth comes out by tearing the waterfall. Seeing this horrible scene, Momo understands that the red stone was the tongue of this giant snake which repeatedly came out of the mouth of the snake and split the waterfall in two. Momo now realized how serious the problem was. The people of Sihalaya have drank the poisonous water of the spring and now it is not possible for anyone to escape death if this problem is not solved soon.

Suddenly, the snake came so close to Momo that Momo's breath made the fallen leaves of the tree on the snake's body fly away. The snake's eyes were grim black in which Momo now saw his own reflection clearly. Momo was terrified for a few moments to see such a horrible snake so closely but the situation was such that no one could come to his aid. Momo's body began to tremble, his arms and legs also began to weaken. The serpent sniffed Momo with his nose and suddenly left him and reached the place where the Sinhalese had fallen unconscious without harming Momo.

Seeing the monstrous snake walking towards the unconscious people, Momo felt that this snake seems to be preying on people in this way. Poisoning the spring water, making people unconscious and eating it. And now the lives of all the people of Sinhalaya today seem to be swept away by this snake. Momo decides to go to war with that ferocious snake and is determined to save the lives of the people of Sinhalaya in any case. As the snake moves towards the unconscious with the speed of the wind, Momo also runs after it. Jumping on small and big stones and trees, Momo runs as if a leopard is running after its prey at full speed. Momo hangs straight on the back of the snake's fang and tries his best to grab the snake's neck.

The serpent pushes Momo in an instant and says this is not the time to fight now but to save the lives of these people who have fallen to their death beds due to the effects of my poison. Momo is stunned to hear this. Momo has never seen a snake speak before today. Ah, what a miracle. And in this too the serpent is going to the people of Sinhalaya not to kill them but to save them. Momo's breath comes in. That is why the serpent suddenly gives Momo a divine gem of a very bright dark blue color and says, "Hold this gem and help me to save everyone's life." Momo is still a little distressed by this incident, It is also not clear what to do or not to do. So he gets ready to do as the serpent says.

The serpent tells Momo that "as long as the light of the sun continues to fall on this gem, the gem will repel the poison of every unconscious person here." He adds, "But the sunset is not long now, so touch this gem on everyone's forehead without wasting any more time." According to the serpent, Momo starts touching the gem on everyone's forehead. And on the other hand, a wonderful shiny red gem appears on the snake's fangs. Using which the snake begins to withdraw its venom.

With the hard work of both, in a few moments, all the people of Sinhalaya are made to touch the gem. "Now everyone is out of danger. In just a few moments, everyone will start to wake up," says the snake. Momo, surprised by today's events, tries to return the gem. The serpent says to Momo without taking back the gem, "This is yours. And it is very necessary for you in the future. Just the touch of this gem will release any poison. Any wound on the body will also heal." Momo asks "Why do you give me such a precious gem?" The serpent replies, "I have been waiting for you, you five friends are no ordinary people. Many changes and feats have been written in the world by your hand. And the outburst of the Sivika river is only the first step."

Momo asks who are you and how do you know so much about us? The serpent says, "My name is Kokaksha, the king of the serpent country on the flying mountain." Slowly people began to come to their senses before Kokaksh spoke further. Kokakshe immediately dropped his word and told Momo to hide the gem. He also warned that the possession of the gem should be kept secret. Momo's friends shouldn't be told either. Otherwise the gem will lose all its power. Having said that, Kokaksha walks behind the huge waterfall again and Momo's questions remain unanswered.

What is the relationship between Momo and Kokaksha, and why Kokaksha gave a gem to Momo, and what the king of a country on the flying mountain is doing here on the land of Sinhalese, the answers to every question have now gone behind the flowing waterfall of the spring. From here, many unsolved puzzles are playing in Momo's mind. On the other hand, Momo is very happy to see all his friends along with the people of Sinhalaya come back to their senses.

What will happen in the next issue? Who has white hair on the mountain? Keep coming back here for answers to all such questions ...

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