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A Flying Mountain - 7

A Flying Mountain

Episode 7

The Lava

Everyone knew that the tradition of Sinhalaya's thousands of years of peace was finally shattered, the curse was about to take effect but no one expected such a rapid change. That night, people slept on the banks of the river Shivika. People who were tired from yesterday's troubles and disasters were fast asleep, small children were sleeping soundly with their parents, some tired people were snoring loudly and some were so scared that even in a dream they wanted help to escape. It may have been midnight and suddenly a terrible sound was heard as if someone had lifted the seven mountains of Saputara and knocked them back to the ground. As soon as this sound was heard, everyone suddenly woke up from their deep sleep and thus began to see what was coming now. But nothing was noticed. People were looking very scared. They were discussing among themselves that the curse that had befallen them was really their death and now that curse would destroy Sinhalaya.

Even before anyone understood anything, the atmosphere there began to change drastically. The cool air on the banks of the Shivika River is now slowly warming up. There was still a long time for the sun to rise, so what could be the cause of this heat at midnight? Everyone standing there was puzzled by such questions, but no one had the answers. Before people think of anything and come to a conclusion, the ground starts shaking with another loud noise as if a big earthquake has started.

Extremely frightened people were not able to understand anything. And then from the top of the seven big mountains of Saputara, a red thick liquid seemed to be slowly flowing downwards. The elders saw this and immediately said, "This is lava." Everyone present was terrified to hear this, and from there began to hear the screams of animals and birds from all directions. They realized that this was really Lava which had been boiling in the womb of Saputara mountains for thousands of years and now it too has been freed due to the curse of the moon. If this lava continues to move, it could lead to catastrophic destruction. The natural beauty around Sinhalaya will be completely destroyed, no animal will survive or no human will survive. Now everyone is seeing their own death in front of their eyes but they are so helpless that they do not even have a chance to escape. The lava is now slowly coming down from the seven mountains. The powers of Momo, Hoyo, Rebaku, Zoga and Sinha are also helpless now.

Somo, another fearless member of the Sinhalese who has the ability to freeze any liquid, came forward and said, "I am able to stop this death-like lava from moving, but only for 12 days. If I do, then my magic will not affect the lava again. " The village headman says, "Even a moment's work done with courage and ingenuity can change a life when we have 12 days in our hands" and allows Somo to stabilize the advancing lava with everyone's consent. The threat has been averted for a while, but no one seems to have much of an impact on this success. The only thing that bothers everyone is how to get out of such a big trouble.

As the lava settles, a very old looking woman immediately tells everyone to go to the guiding rock in a deteriorating voice, this is the same rock that the ancestors of Sinhalaya have placed on a special hill for the benefit of the people of Sinhalaya. And that old woman also utters a saying called Sinhalayaya's safety shield.

"When Sinhalaya's sleep is disturbed at midnight and everyone's mind seems restless,

When the eyes of the seven mountains become red and the air of Sinhalaya also gets hot,

Go across the hill where the first rays of the sun fall on the guiding rock,

The golden letters are then will be displayed and all your questions will be solved with the guidance of that rock."

The meaning of this saying is understood by all today in the true sense. Today, everyone's mind is in turmoil and the lava sitting on the top of the seven mountains really seems to be the red eyes of the mountains full of rage. There is little time left for the sun to rise and everyone now trusts the old woman and goes to the hill where this guiding rock is kept.

In the distance, behind the huge mountains, the little sun seems to be slowly raising its head. The people of Sinhalaya have now reached that hill and are looking at the rock. But at present, they do not see any writing on that rock. Everyone is waiting for the first rays of the sun to reach that hill. The hill is so high that the surrounding area looks very nice from there. The white swans floating in the river are playing with their little chicks, the peacocks are also dancing and spreading their colourful feathers to make the morning more beautiful. Huge giant elephants are bathing in the Shivika river, and sprinkling each other with water in their trunks. Even the small and big melodious birds have now woken up and filled the whole Sinhalaya with their chirping. The ferocious lions of the Sinhalese are playing with each other in their own way, and roaring with joy. The people of Sinhalaya forget all the troubles for a moment by seeing such beauty of the morning. At the same time, everyone sees the first rays of the sun coming from afar. Today, the sun's rays seem to be a blessing from God. Slowly, the sun's rays reach the hills, touching the fruit, the flowers, the small and the big trees. As the rays fall on the guiding rock, it immediately shines like gold. This miracle awakens a new ray of hope in the hearts of the people of Sinhalaya to get rid of such terrible troubles.

For a while, even the eyes of everyone standing there are dazzled, but gradually everyone opens their eyes and we will discuss in the next issue what will be read or seen ...

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