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A Flying Mountain - 8

A Flying Mountain

Episode 8

The Rock Says

As soon as the sun's rays fall on the guiding rock, that rock shines like a big gem. To everyone's surprise, something is slowly emerging on the rock. It was as if an invisible hand were slowly carving something on the rock. In a few moments the text appears on that guide stone.

Never happened before,

Is going to happen now,

Beautiful glowing Sinhalaya,

Is being ruined by the curse of the moon.

Torture of demonic animals during the day,

So ghosts at night,

My Sinhalaya is drowning in a sea of ​​sorrows,

To stop that we must now fight.

To win now after losing

A lot of difficult,

It is also possible,

That is what my observation of the years is saying ...

High up in the mountains,

The cave is special,

Where a resident, white haired, is your hope ...

Knows the secrets, persuading the moon,

But the condition is to defeat him in wrestling first ...

After reading the text on the rock, the anxiety of all the people standing there seemed to ease a little. Subodho said: "We should now, without wasting any more time, search for the cave at the height of the mountain to the north, as directed by the inscription of the rock, and seek the help of the white-haired inhabitant who lives there." Hoyo, Rebaku, Zoga, Momo and Siha also agree with Subodho and start preparing to go out in search of the cave as soon as possible. The people of Sinhalaya have been hearing since childhood that there is a very large cave at the height of the mountain to the north. No one has yet seen who lives in this cave but many white hairs have been seen around the cave so that the people of Sihala often guessed that there is some very old woman living in that cave.

The people of Sinhalaya take their necessities with them and slowly move towards the north. The animals and birds that live in the Sinhalaya with them also go out in search of the cave. The Sinhalaya messenger Bubu the butterfly, and his flock flies in and out, enjoying the juices of the new flowers. Lions are also seen walking in front of their people to protect them. This is the first time that the people of Sinhalaya are going so far from Sinhalaya. As the inhabitants of Sinhalaya move forward, the Sinhalaya disappears from their sight. Now there are huge trees all around, different types of rocky roads and other wild animals can be seen.

The forest at the foot of the mountain is so densely covered that even on a white day it feels as if it is night. Even the sun's rays are not able to bring light from the branches of deciduous trees to the ground. Amidst the melodious chirping of birds never heard before and the roar of small streams descending from the mountain, the caravan of the inhabitants of Sinhalaya is very beautiful. Going in search of a cave but a question arises in everyone's mind that who will be staying in this cave? Will there really be an older woman? Or will there be another animal? With such a flood of ideas, everyone, big or small, keeps moving forward. It must have been noon and now the caravan is a little tired. People are hearing the sound of a large stream of water around them so it is decided to rest for a few moments in the vicinity of the spring and start marching towards the cave again.

In the dense and beautiful forest, the caravan slowly moves in the direction of the sound, gradually removing the small and large bushes of various flowers and fruits and the weeds. In a few moments a huge stream comes in front of them and everyone is mesmerized by the beauty of that spring. The stream, which descends from a height of about 100 feet, is as white as a fountain of milk. There seem to be two springs above and below the same spring. Before the water descends from the top of the hill, it first falls on a red hill in the middle and then reaches the colored rocks below. This place is so beautiful that anyone would be tempted to stop there. Even the people of Sinhalaya see this beauty and decide to stay there for a few moments. The ground is made up of small stones of different colors, and the white milky water falling on those stones cools the eyes. The stones are adorned with wonderful fragrant flowers, the fragrance of which gives a sense of supernatural peace to the mind. Everyone drinks spring water to quench their thirst.

After quenching one's thirst with the sweet water of the spring and resting in this scenic environment for a while, now is the time to march towards the mysterious cave. Momo gets up first and moves on but a strange phenomenon happens. Momo suspects that all the people of Sinhalaya have fallen into a deep sleep. Momo tries to wake everyone up but no one gets up. Momo is terrified to see this. What happened that animals, birds and humans all fainted? Momo doesn't understand anything, so he turns his attention to the springs and sees that the two streams that were on the springs are now the one. The red hill in between is now gone. Will the water of this spring be poisonous? That all who drink have become unconscious. The red hill between the springs that caused the two springs to fall is also now invisible, so is there a connection between the red hill and the unconsciousness of the people? Momo is still lost in such thoughts and before he understands anything, Momo is stunned to see what comes in front of Momo's eyes. Seeing this scene makes Momo's heart beat faster and his power of thinking also becomes numb for two moments.

So what did Momo see? And we will have to wait for the next issue to know what could be the reason for everyone to lose consciousness ...