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A Flying Mountain - 6

A Flying Mountain

Episode 6

The onset of disasters

Distressed by today's events, the main leading villagers asked all the villagers to gather on the shores of justice. A place on the banks of the river Shivika is designated as a judiciary. Whenever there is an incident in the village, everyone gathers there and does justice. Today's incident is extremely serious. What has not happened on the land of Sinhalaya till date has happened today. Angry, sad and terrified looking people gathered at the place of justice and now begin the discussion of what to punish Rebaku, Hoyo, Siha, Zoga and Momo. Someone said get rid of these five, because as long as these people are here, they will do something wrong. So someone said that if you leave like this, are you sure that they will not harm us by staying out of the village? Tie them up. Subudho, who is known as the most intelligent person in Sinhalaya, gives his opinion that now what was supposed to happen has happened. Now punishing these children harshly will not benefit anyone. So it is better that we keep these five friends in the village but ban them from meeting each other and hand over some responsibility to the five so that they will stop making trouble. Even so we must not forget that the village needs their powers even more now than ever before. The villagers agree with Subodho and allow the five friends to stay in the village but on one condition that they will never meet again and will only do the work assigned to them. Justice is done and the villagers gone home.

One more morning begins, the rays of the sun are warming up as if they have completed their night's sleep and come back to Sinhalaya to do their duty. But today’s morning is a little different. The chirping of the birds is not heard with the same exuberance and enthusiasm as before, the roar of the lions is also heard as if they are afraid of the impending calamity. Rebaku has been assigned to guard the village. He is standing at the gate outside the village, watching every movement. Momo is tasked with finding new varieties of fruit for the villagers to eat. Because everyone's favorite and the lifeline of Sinhalaya, mango fruit has also stopped coming now. Momo tastes every fruit in front of him and decides whether it is poisonous or edible. Zoga has been told to disappear and investigate far and wide to see if the mango fruit tree is found under any circumstances, the biggest problem will be solved. Siha, like every day, arrives at the designated place to feed the stored gutla of mango fruit to the lions and sees that now only 12 days of food remains for the lions. Since Hoyo has no power of his own, he only helps his parents with household chores.

Siha is feeding her beloved lions on the river bank when suddenly a long tongue comes out of the river and wraps a lion and pulls it into the river with lightning speed. Siha is stunned to see this scene and is going to shout for help to Rebaku but then she remembers that it is not possible now. So Siha uses her power to command the animal to come out of the river and immediately the creature, which looks like a giant crocodile, jumps out of the river and makes a heart-rending roar. Seeing this animal, Siha is devastated, but Siha tries to control it. The ferocious crocodile is still slowly being subdued by the power of the Siha, whereupon two other giant crocodile-like creatures emerge from the Shivika river and make the whole Sinhalaya tremble. The people of Sinhalaya run towards Siha in fear of such a horrible sound and see that Siha is fighting with a ferocious crocodile. Siha can't fight three crocodiles at once so she orders the ferocious lions to fight with the crocodile. On the one hand, Siha is subduing a terrifying crocodile, on the other hand, four giant lions have come together and are attacking the other crocodile. But the third crocodile is moving very fast to attack the people of the village, killing the surrounding trees and small and big creatures. Siha has just subdued a crocodile with her power and sees that the lives of the villagers are now in danger. So she rides on a crocodile that has been subdued and chases the third crocodile, while the four lions on the other side are very wounded in the fight with the crocodile. But the lions succeed in knocking down the huge crocodile with the fierce blows of their own paw. The third crocodile has reached the people of Sinhalaya by then and spreads its tongue and wraps 10 to 12 people in a single moment. The crocodile is ready to eat the people by opening its huge cave-like jaw. And there the four lions also reach there and one of them cuts the crocodile's tongue so that the captured people can be released. This makes the crocodile more angry and fluttering, more intensely raising its huge claws to kill the people there. Siha finally arrives with the captured crocodile and orders it to kill the other crocodile. Then a terrible battle takes place between the two crocodiles. Everything seems to be shaking as if a big earthquake is happening and both the crocodiles are crashing on each other like a huge mountain. And in this fierce battle, the crocodile of Siha wins with great effort.

What has never happened in Sinhalaya has happened today. The attack has never happened in the history of Sinhalaya for thousands of years and today is still the first morning after the curse, and such a big attack has taken place. Now the people of Sinhalaya are terrified and trembling at the thought of what future calamities will come. Asking the crocodile captured by Siha to return to the river now, Siha starts applying the magic ointment prepared by the village doctor on the wounds of the lions in this fight. Applying ointment to the lions, Siha remembers that now only 12 days of food is left for the lions. If not managed soon, the same lions that are the guardians of the Sinhalaya can become predators in the future. Siha tells this to the villagers but no one has a solution yet. All hope of finding new food is now on Momo and Zoga who are working day and night but have not been able to achieve any success yet.

One thing that is certain from today's attack is that Sinhalaya is no longer protected from the Shivika river. Anything can happen now so just removing the problem of food is not going to remove all the problems. No one knows how many more disasters could come from across the river. A village meeting has been organized again after today's incident. Zoga, Hoyo, Rebaku, Momo and Siha are also present at the meeting. They can see each other from a distance but no one can meet or talk. Today was the first day after their birth that they were separated from each other. Addressing the gathering, the village chiefs recount what happened today and praise Zoga for the way she cleverly and bravely used her powers to defeat three ferocious crocodiles. The other four friends are very proud and happy to hear this. The chiefs of the village go on to say that now the river Shivika has stopped protecting us. So we have to solve the problem of self-defense along with food very quickly. While such a discussion was going on, strange birds began to be heard from the sky. Never before has there been such a thing as a black bird with bright red eyes, big wings and big cob-like teeth. These terrifying looking birds looked like terrifying monsters with wings. Thousands of these giant bats began to gather over the Sinhalaya and circled in the sky. Everyone in Sinhalaya was scared to see this sight. Just then a huge bat came down from the sky and started moving slowly towards the people gathered there. Seeing this, the little children standing there started crying and hid behind their parents. Momo noticed that the bird was moving forward with some bad intentions so he stood at the forefront. The bird comes quite close to Momo, looking from a distance as if two adult men were standing. Then with strange howls the bird sniffs Momo from all sides. Momo felt that this horrible looking bird might have come here by mistake and didn't seem to be doing any harm. And then the bird suddenly screams and attacks Momo. And at the same time other giant terrifying bats flying in the sky also hit the rest of the Sinhalese with the speed of the wind. The people gathered there have no idea what to do now. The birds began to gnaw on the old and the children with their big teeth. The bats' claws were so sharp that they began to pierce the necks of those standing there. For the first time, drops of human blood fell on the land of Sinhalaya. There was wailing in all four directions and people were running for their lives. Hoyo gets caught in the clutches of a bat and shouts for help.

On the one hand Momo is fighting 10 bats at once but that is not enough to save people’s lives. Zoga also disappears and tries her best, but the number of bats is so large that it can't help anything special. Siha uses her power only to save Hoyo and captures the bat that has captured Hoyo and frees Hoyo. Rebaku's anger was now going to take a monstrous form. Rebaku made a terrifying roar and uprooted two huge trees, including their roots, with both hands. Rebaku takes a giant tree with both hands and attacks the birds with all his might. Without looking in any direction, Rebaku takes a tree in both hands and spins so fast that in a few moments all the bats' wings and jaws break off. Bats are so wounded that they have no choice but to escape. A battle that at one time seemed like a defeat results in victory for Rebaku and his team. The people of Sinhalaya are proud at one moment and terrified at the thought of what will happen next.

No one dares to go home at night and all together they decide to spend the night on the river bank. One person from each family is arranged to stay awake and keep an eye on all four directions. Tired and hungry Sinhalaya people are now remembering their old days, and lost in the thoughts of when those days will come again. The quiet dark night has now arrived. Most people are asleep now. The sweet sound of the rushing water of the river Shivika and the sound of the locusts speaking in the darkness of the night are so sweet that people have fallen into a deep sleep forgetting the terrible incidents. Even Rebaku and his friends are now asleep watching the twinkling stars in the dark sky. Totally unaware of what the sun of tomorrow is going to bring now. Will tomorrow's sun rise for Sinhalaya?

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