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It is 10 O'clock - 22

A storm was lurking, but everyone was unaware of that. The Bermuda’s triangle was about to be formed and only the fate knew who was going to sink and who was going to survive. Krishna got ready by 6 pm and started towards the restaurant. Priyanka could not decide what to wear and what not. She wanted this day to be the best day of her life. She was under the impression that surprise was about her and Krishna’s relation. On the other side, with Monika the situation was same. She was also not able to decide what to wear and what not. Finally, she made up her mind and got dressed. Priyanka and Monika both were planning to express their feelings for Krishna.

Priyanka reached early to the restaurant. She booked a private hall for them. She decorated the entire hall with heart shaped balloons and with the pictures of them. Priyanka wanted to express her feelings for Krishna in a different way, so she wrote a song for him.

O Krishna you are mine

My love for you is divine

Your love is the fiber of my heart

My life with you is an art

O Krishna you are mine

My love for you is divine

I just want to say be my life

I want to be your wife

O Krishna you are mine

My love for you is divine

Life is nothing without you

But a rainbow of happiness with you

O Krishna you are mine

My love for you is divine

Life is a bumpy ride of emotions

Every turn should be taken with precaution

With you by my side the ride will be fine

O Krishna you are mine

My love for you is divine

Priyanka knew the song was not perfect and she was not able to express her heart out. But these imperfections make love perfect. So, she liked it and recorded on a tape to be played while they meet in the hall.

Meanwhile Monika was planning something else. She went to a jewelry shop and bought an expensive ring for Krishna. She found one such ring and bought it for him. Normally, a boy buys a ring for a girl but in this case, Monika wanted to surprise Krishna, so she decided to do this. Monika also booked a small party hall for Krishna. She decorated the walls of that hall with pictures from their childhood to teenage in a very artistic way. She bought a carved box and put it in the middle of the room which was having two messages on two sides of the box and an image of a couple on the third side. Fourth side was carved with a question mark which represented the question for Krishna.

Krishna was completely in dark about all these and with a very happy heart he entered the restaurant. Priyanka was already there. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she slipped while arranging the music station and had to rush to washroom. At the very same moment as a huge coincidence, Monika entered the restaurant and saw Krishna. Krishna saw her too and rushed towards her as he was very happy because he had his hopes high because of the loan approval. Monika hugged him a bit tightly than usual, but Krishna did not notice. The halls booked by Priyanka and Monika were side by side and not completely soundproof. Monika held Krishna’s hand and took him to the decorated hall.

Same moment in time, Priyanka came out and watched Krishna going in that hall. She followed. Krishna was completely stunned when he entered the hall. It was his whole life in the pictures year by year with Monika and decorated extremely well. Krishna felt nostalgic for a while as he took a deep dive in his past. Monika seemed very happy seeing that as she did a lot of work to plan all that. Then something unusual happened. Monika bent down on a knee and pulled out a ring from her purse. Krishna was glued to the surface and could not utter a single word. A waiter was checking the sound system in the next hall, and he accidently started the song sung by Priyanka for Krishna. Krishna heard the sound and immediately recognized Priyanka’s voice. But Monika was waiting, and Krishna pulled her up and hugged her and saw Priyanka just standing near the door.

Priyanka saw that and completely lost in the moment as her heart was shattered to a million pieces and every piece was crying as well as singing that same song and the words, I love you were getting hammered in her mind. But her heart sank, and she could not control and just fainted and fell on the hard surface with a loud thud. Monika also turned around and could not understand what to do or rather why was she even there???

How will Krishna react to this mix up? Will he say yes to Monika or Priyanka? To know more, please read the next part and whenever possible please review and rate.

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