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Last Man on Earth - 1 - They Have Arrived

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Genre- Thriller & Suspense & Science Fiction


Owen -Head of Family

Sara - Wife of Owen

Andy - 7 year old child of Owen and Sara

Cole - Savior

Brenda & George - Army Officer

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Chapter 1-They Have Arrived

It is 5 July 2131, Owen after working in his Computer Technical Company he returned with cake in his hand. After all, Andy was 7 year old now. While coming home he saw a person holding a board which said “Earth’s End Is Near! Run till Horizon”

He ignored it. When he reached his Bungalow he was greeted by his wife Sara. People were surrounding him; children were playing as it was Andy’s Birthday Party. Owen had brought Andy’s favorite cake which was of Aliens.

Yes Andy loved aliens and he wanted to be Astronaut and find out Aliens and make him a friend. Poor child he did not know that Aliens can be harmful.

Until 2130 everyone believed aliens were friendly. Owen was an Ex-Army Officer who had been in 10 missions and he led every mission and came back with Victory. But later he married and had to leave his Army Job and become a Family man.

His wife worked in a Company which made software. Andy used to be with his father when Sara worked and Sara would take care when Owen would work. They were a very happy family.

As promised to Andy, Owen and he both were seeing a football match. Commentator said, “ Adam is near the goal, he gives the pass to Andrew and here goes the….” Boom!!!!

The electricity suddenly blanked out. Everything in ‘Whole World’ became dark. How is it possible?!! Surprisingly, lightning was there. And to add 1 more surprise and reason to fascinate is that each lightning fell from the sky whether it was a thunderstorm or not and all fell on electric centers.

But in a few seconds everything was recovered. Our family successfully celebrated Andy’s Birthday. It was gift time. Andy received tons of gifts and one of best was an alien hand device which was a toy given by his Father and Mother.

Andy was very happy receiving it. He thought that if that could help him in talking with aliens? What would you expect from a 7 year old child? While thinking he was seeing his toy. He put his hand in the toy and pressed a few buttons and suddenly light began to blink.He thought something was wrong but then they stopped.

Soon he fell asleep and at midnight that light turned from green to RED and it first blinked slowly then fast and fast and then it remained RED.

Next day he saw the RED LIGHT but did not care much. Andy in his free time usually thought about extraterrestrial lives. He thought if aliens would come he would play with them, make him friends and do crazy stuff with them.

His parents would tell him Aliens stories as he liked them.He was just thinking and he got a thought that what if instead of aliens a few scary creatures roam around? Then the light turned from RED to GREEN!

Was it because it was not a toy and a real device!? And is that a wish making device with crazy lights? What do you think, readers??

Owen, Sara and Andy would go to beaches and everywhere. They used to go to Valleys in America. They were one of the happiest families in America.

Time passes like sand in hand. Soon it was 1st August and our family was going to celebrate Owen’s 35th birthday.

They were going to Death Valley, as our family liked nature and also to celebrate Owen’s birthday. While they were going in their car they saw that something which had light was falling. They stopped at the spot and turned on the radio.

The commenter was saying, “This is on AWR (All World Radio) a cluster of meteoroids had just fallen in Death Valley aaaannnn..” The radio stopped with disturbance.

Scrrrrrschhhhhhhhhh spoke radio.

Suddenly our family started to hear loud sirens. “weee ooo eee” “eee ooo eee ooo” siren sound increasing.

Around 15 Police cars with 10 ambulance and 10 fire trucks passed car of Owen. Then 5 army trucks came and 3 tanks. One of which broke Owen’s window and side mirror while passing by.

One of the police cars stopped ahead of Owen’s car.

Owen asked, “Officer is everything all right? What has happened? Is it serious?”

Officer replied, “A cluster of meteoroids have fallen and our team has gone to investigate. Please stay behind and away from this area.”

That whole area had been a scene and a lot of sirens and trucks and a lot of things kept on moving.

Officer placed cones and added boards which said RESTRICTED.

One army truck at the end came and blocked the road. And 20 soldiers came out with guns and rocket launchers. Seeing them Owen got out of the car. Sara said to be careful.

Owen was nearing the area and soon he was under gunpoint of P90 guns of Soilders. He was said to lie down and was arrested and was now under handcuffs. He met the Sergeant and luckily he was his student.

When Owen was Officer that guy was under him.

And soon Owen was released. Owen talked to George about the situation. In his ears George whispered that the Earth was under….

Do you think that Andy has some relation with aliens?

Does his hand band given by Owen and Sara play some role? As its band blinked when the asteroid approached,

what do you think will happen on 10th August?

Is their alien spaceship in a meteoroid?

And what George whispered in Ears?

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