Last Man On Earth - 7 - Owen Is NOT ALONE books and stories free download online pdf in English

Last Man On Earth - 7 - Owen Is NOT ALONE

And there one Hemocyte jumped on Owen and as he was going to bite his shoulder, owen had jumped the 2nd floor window. And so did 4 more Hemocytes. Owen quickly turned 180 degrees and the hemocyte clinged to him was smashed and another fell down. One of them was in anger coming near him but was smashed by Jack and was burnt. All were burned to death. They couldn’t bear the heat of the Sun. This time Owen was saved.

Owen now decided to quickly go home. From where ever he had gone he threw oil so that Hemocytes don’t get his scent. He reached home get his clothes off and take a bath and same for Jack. Then it was time for lockdown. In his dreams, he usually dreams of his wife and son. He was so alone. His past memories were so horrifying that he always thought it was a nightmare.

That day the same dream came and he woke up. As he woke up the alarm rang. He went outside and while eating he opened the book of TIMINGS of Sun Rise and Sun Set. He noted the Sun Set timings and set an alarm in his watch.

He went to his spot. He always went at 2:00 near the port area where the frequency is good and always sent radio signals and messages. His Message was-

“My name is Owen Neville,

I am a survivor living in New York City.

I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.

I will be at the South Street

Port every day at midday.

When the sun is highest in the sky.

If you are out there,

if anyone is out there,

I can provide food,

I can provide shelter,

I can provide security.

If there is anybody out there,

anybody, please,

you are not alone…”

Here comes a change…

Owen went to take a few things from the store he used to meet his friends. He had 4 friends, John, Dalton, Sputin and Roala.

You would think if he was alone how his friends were. His friends were actually Mannequin. He used to talk to them. People usually get psycho when they are alone.

One day it was almost late… Owen and Jack were going back to home in a Defender SUV. They were a few kilometres away. Time was 5 and sun was setting. They were hearing CD. Windows closed. They were about 15 kms away from their home.

Jack barked and was told to open the window. He was sitting back. Owen opened the window for him. As he saw back a deer came in front of them. Owen had to make a quick sharp turn.

Deer was saved but the car fell off its track. The car fell on one side. Owen couldn’t react or respond. He was just unconscious. Jack managed to save himself. Owen was trapped in the car and was unconscious.

Jack was barking a lot… Blood was coming out from Owen’s head. It had a scar as the front glass shattered into pieces making a scratch on Owen. The Sun did not wait for Owen. It was setting much faster… Now it was hard to tell whether Owen would survive or not…

After a few hours, when Owen came to consciousness he heard someone whose voice was familiar asking where is house? Owen said Washington Street 15. He thought it was someone who knew the voice.

Firstly it was surprising for him too as he was not alone. He could hear Jack and a boy. When he slowly came to consciousness. He saw that the driver was none other than…

Was it actually real or just dreams and Hemocytes could come anytime to kill Owen??