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Last Man on Earth - 5 - Will Owen DIE?

Owen, “I need to stay on the ground…”
“Sir we have reached.” Said driver.
The talk was interrupted. They all came out. Helicopters were coming and taking people. A lot of people are screaming and standing on barriers. Police officers trying to stop them. They needed to go for a checkup. If their eyes were not proper they were Hemocytes. For him the checkup was done. After a lot of pushing here and there they made it out. A news helicopter landed. They went in.
Andy gave his pet puppy to his father; he was a Doberman. Just like you see on the cover page. The helicopter started. Owen had to take it. As the helicopter reached a little height. Many people started shouting. Owen turned back and he saw on one of the other helicopters Hemocytes were clinged and the pilot lost control and BOOOM!!! That helicopter crashed with that of Owen’s in which Sara and Andy were there.
He was taken aback. Owen was pushed in water hence he was saved other than him other all were now Hemocytes. Ohh one thing I forgot to tell you readers, Hemocytes only came out at night they cannot bear sunlight.
This is how Owen became LAST MAN ON EARTH.
Owen, our hero, is now all by himself. He has nothing to do now. He just has to live his life till he dies. Everyone would think this BUT, it's not true. Owen has started testing different antibiotics on Hemocytes. He used to get one Hemocyte by risking his life. He tested on Hemocyte.
Everytime he did that the subject would die. Again and Again every time the Hemocyte died and never got back to human form.
Owen was now getting up in the morning, as a normal day it would be. Eats Sandwich goes shopping, plays golf, and has fun but the only thing which was not there was people. All alone with Billions of Hemocytes on this planet.
How hard could it be? Pretty hard. You have no one to talk with, share emotions; ya but you do have a lovely dog.
It was the DAY. The day when Hemocytes were found. He woke at 8:30. As in early morning there is no Sun. He eats Breakfast and watches TV. Recorded Channels. Then he takes whichever car he wants for a drive and takes Jack and his Dog on a walk.
It is 3 p.m Owen takes out his sniper trying to hunt some fresh meat. He sees deers running in the city on the road. As he aims on them Schruuuusshhh Scaaaasmm a lion snatches Owen’s food. Animals were not that badly affected from Hemocyte Species or Virus.
He then thought about it and killed another deer. He took his blood and decided to take it to his laboratory. His laboratory was in the basement of his house. He then played Golf on a F-22 Raptor’s wing. And then there were 3 beeps in watch. It was 5 p.m. Time to go home. He takes a blood sample and returns home.
It is now 6 p.m Time for lockdown. He closes doors, puts shutters on windows and goes to his bed with a gun in one hand and Jack on his other side.
It was a normal day the next day. They were on a move, they were on walk. Ready to hunt another deer for food. Deer very quietly ate, Owen approaching nicely and steadily. When he is 50 feet away orders Jack to go. Deer runs for his life and Jack runs behind him to kill him, Owen with a gun running behind. Deer went inside a building and so did Jack. Owen screamed at Jack not to go in but he went inside. Jack didn’t know all the Hemocytes were inside.
Owen did not have any option and hence he too entered the building. Hemocytes hawling. It was 4 p.m. By 5 Owen had to go home but what he could do he cannot leave Jack to die.
He took out his Gun and a torch. He slowly went in. He could smell Hemocytes. He saw nothing on the first floor. Then he went to the 1st floor. He could hear some noises. He was sweating a lot. Scared a lot. He slowly opened the door and he saw something running towards him…