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Last Man on Earth - 8 - Sara And Andy are ALIVE

Jack was barking a lot… Blood was coming out from Owen’s head. It had a scar as the front glass shattered into pieces making a scratch on Owen. The Sun did not wait for Owen. It was setting much faster… Now it was hard to tell whether Owen would survive or not…

After a few hours, when Owen came to consciousness he heard someone whose voice was familiar asking where is house? Owen said Washington Street 15. He thought it was someone who knew the voice.

Last Man On Earth - 8 - Sara And Andy are ALIVE

Owen was not able to open his eyes. Blood was coming from his face… He could hear the panting of the driver. Driver said, “I found you with your car flipped. Hemocytes were online but there was a beam of light from the sun. As Sun was setting, the 56 storey building was coming in between. The beam stopping Hemocytes was slowly ending. At that time I saw you and took a knife and got you out from seatbelt. And also took our dog Jack. He has grown a lot. But right now Hemocytes are following us … It's whether DO or Die. They don’t want any humans slither around them. They want their Dynasty. As I kept you in car the beam had vanished and ‘they’ are catching us…”

Owen was Happy that he was not alone but a bit confused. He did not know who the driver was. She might be her relative as she said “Our Dog Jack”. But he was happy.

He could hear a teen playing with Jack. He could slowly feel better and slowly he opened his eyes. He was startled when he slowly opened his eyes. It was a blurry image as his eyes were not fully open. But what he saw was unexpected. The face he missed a lot. The voice of the child playing he missed a lot. IT WAS NONE OTHER THAN SARA AND ANDY!!

Like you all viewers Owen could not believe himself…

He was startled… But it was not time to celebrate…

It was already 8pm and Owen’s blood could be smelt by Hemocytes. Sara was driving a BMW M5. She was on Sports mode and had a speed of 250.

Owen- “How did you find me”

Sara, “I hea…… Sara stopped as A Hemocyte bangs with car in order to flip it and eat LAST HUMANS”


Sara was dazed she could not speak anything.. They did not know where they were going. It was a lot dark and there were not enough front lights to see.

Owen asked Sara to change the seats. Sara slowly kept her first leg on Owen ‘s seat and then as Owen kept his leg at the accelerator Sara moved her leg. Like this they switched. Owen was increasing speed to 300.

They were moving very fast. Hemocytes were slowly backing. Owen took a sharp left turn. And there he saw a Land Rover Range Rover Velar. They quickly stopped and changed cars. They did not have keys. They had to leave BMW as fuel was slowing down. They could hear those screams of Hemocytes. Hemocytes were nearing. Owen trying to joint wires.

Sara, “Owen fast the Hemocytes are climbing buildings…”

Owen quickly joined the correct wires and the car started. A Hemocytes jumped so as to smash their car but Owen was quick enough to get a quick start and they had escaped. But still they did not know the way. A Hemocyte crashed into them and the lights broke… Now it was more difficult to find a way.

Slowly Hemocytes were increasing in number. It was 10PM. One Hemocyte Was very near he broke the back window and as he was going to take Andy Jack bited that Hemocyte's head off. It was not atall safe. And now they cannot go home too as if they went, Hemocytes would get to know where they live. SO only option was to wait till Sun Rises.

It was 12PM. Hemocytes still follow them. Their fuel was also low. Owen decided It was their last breath. Fuel could only last a thousand KM. They also cannot Leave and go to the highway as earlier the government had broken all ways to escape from here so that Hemocytes stayed there only but unluckily it didn’t work.

They had no option left. Andy was 12 and he found a rocket launcher in back. He quickly said, “Mom DAD look I found locket launcher. And this car is of Lieutenant Jacob. They both were happy. Now there was hope of living. Sara quickly went back and saw that below the rocket launcher box there were few guns and lasers too greanades too and more...…

They now might be able to survive this catastrophe. Owen opened the hood and as Hemocyte neared, Sara Shot HE Missile from the rocket launcher and….