Last Man On Earth - 10 - Do You Remember Cole The Savior books and stories free download online pdf in English

Last Man On Earth - 10 - MahaEpisode

“Dad, I have an ESCAPE PLAN...” said Andy. “Dad if we do a 360 degree with a car so that Hemocytes could go away and as they go mom can shoot them out with the machine gun.”

Owen thought Doing and Dying is good instead of emotional death. He took control of the car and quickly accelerated for a few metres and then applied a hand brake. 360 did happen and as Hemocytes moved a little Sara opened the roof and DISHOOM the bullets firing from Machine gun …

Just imagine viewers slow motion—Owen turning the car and Sara shooting creatures… Exciting ??

NO! They had to escape so as they did a 360 flip they decided to go straight wherever the fuel takes them…

Last Man On Earth - 10 - MahaEpisode - Do You Remember Cole The Savior?

Owen kept driving and then came DEAD END. Hemocytes were not giving up on them this fast. They were driving and driving. Now there was no option. Owen stopped the car. At that time he noticed there was a sort of slope where cars could go and fly. This was all happening on Manhattan Bridge. He had seen movies where the driver presses accelerator and then clutch and jumps off.

He had no option. He Turned the car quickly and Quickly kept on doing 360s to make smoke and hinder Hemocytes so that they cannot see anything. After a few 360s he decided to go on slope and Jump.

As He did so… The car speed was 86 and they jumped the slope from the bridge. But not the scene you all were expecting. It was not a proper jump and their car crashed. It first crashed with a bonnet or hood and then it flipped and was upside down now.

Hemocytes had gathered and surrounded their food. They were crashing the car again and again. One went a few steps back and pushed it and it became sideways. The car was now not in a good condition.

Jack, Sara and Andy were on the left side where the car had fallen sideways and Owen was on the right side. He was wearing a seatbelt.

The car was sideways such that Owen was on Top and rested below. They couldn’t escape from there and just waited to be eaten.

Suddenly at that time our Saviour of which I mentioned in starting, Cole came. He had a Pajero Sport and he drove over a few Hemocytes.

But one Hemocyte had broken the front glass and was going for Owen at that time Cole quickly took out a flare gun and shot at that Hemocyte he was dead. He found that the light produced by flare is harming them.

He took out some special flare gun and shot it into the sky. The flare was twisting and One flare went up and was separated into 14 others. They fell down on Hemocytes and in such a way that a border was created around Pajero Sport and Range Rover.

Cole quickly got out of the car and helped Owen. Cole cut off Owen’s seatbelt. Owen quickly went back, took out Andy, he led his hand in and Andy caught it and he and Jack were removed from the back. They both went to Pajero.

Owen breathing heavily, “I have many guns in the back in boot. Go take them. Carry as many as you can…”

Cole quickly went back and was surprised to see Shop Of GUNS. He ran back to his car and reversed it and brought it near that of Owen. He started transporting Guns in his Car.

Owen did not know whether he was a good man or not. But Trust is the thing which might help him survive. Owen went for Sara Now.

She was not able to move and her seatbelt was stuck. She tried to open it but it was not happening. She tried a lot. But nothing was happening. Cole had loaded the Guns and was waiting for Owen. Cole quickly went and sat in the driver's seat. But Sara was still stuck. And slowly the flares were evaporating…

4 Flares extinguished suddenly. Hemocytes were running towards Sara and Owen. Owen suddenly found out…