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Last Man on Earth - 2 - The Creatures

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Chapter 2 – The Creatures

Owen was nearing gunpoint. He was said to lie down and was arrested and under handcuffs. He met the Sergeant and luckily he was his student.
When Owen was Officer that guy was under him. And soon Owen was released. Owen talked to George about the situation. In his ears George whispered that the Earth was under Attack…
Owen was taken aback… George slowly giggled… Sir, still you don’t understand jokes… Earlier also you were always confused by my Jokes…
Owen, “George….”
George, “Sorry Sir, Actually we also don’t know that this thing is mostly an asteroid… We were just asked to come here at this point and many scientists are also coming…”
Owen, “Why scientist?”
George, “Maybe to extract minerals in it or maybe such stuff…”
Owen, “Hmm… Ok thanks George I hope all in the Army are fit… DO come home…”
Owen thought of telling him a joke too as it was his Birthday but it wasn’t the right place…

And Viewers to End your Curiosity, Andy has no relation or connection with aliens and the Hand Band given on Birthday is just a …….. Toy. And now you know what George whispered in Owen’s Ears… But to know if there is an Alien Spaceship in Meteoroid you need to read below…

Army came and now as there was a RESTRICTED board they could only cancel their trip and they did the same.

They came back home. After a few months Owen was coming with a lot of gifts with him as it was Christmas.

While Owen was parking car he got a call from Officer Brenda. She worked with Owen when he was in the Army. He was head of Brenda but as he left Brenda became commander in chief. Owen was puzzled as it was now 25th December, and his birthday was gone. Usually she greeted Owen on his Birthday.

So he picked up the phone and was terrified and had to leave the car on the spot and run towards home. The car created huge traffic.

Owen running towards Sara hugged her. She was perplexed to see Owen struggling to breathe. She made him sit and brought water. Soon came Andy, after drinking water Owen called his son, and hugged him. Then he took Sara to the inner room to discuss.

Owen said, “I need to join the Army back, I think I should… It was a call from Brenda.”

Sara, “Oh Brenda, Was she saying Happy Birthday or Happy Christmas?” she giggled.

Owen, “No, she gave me terrific news.” Owen’s breathing became faster and also his heartbeat increased.

Sara, “What she said and why are you so scared”

Owen, “Aliens have arrived”

Sara, “What are you saying, say everything?”

Owen, “Brenda said that in Death Valley actually an alien spaceship came which were dormant. Army seized that area and took it to nearest base. Army chief called best scientists and Brenda to check on it. After around 4 months, from it fell which is 1st August, they opened it. They found few aliens inside which were already dead due to crash. It was not although a small spaceship; it was a huge spaceship. Army people went inside with Brenda leading them. They found strange eggs. They did not know what it was; one soldier fell due to a device and his hand touched one of the eggs. The egg started to move and it touched another egg and soon all eggs started to move. All eggs were slowly becoming red. They all burst out. It was not a shell covering it was a cell sap which could break easily. A strange creature came out; it was more like a deathly animal. It had long teeth and walking on his 4 limbs. It was like a mixture of tiger, lion Dinosaur and all those animals you can think of… It was an ugly and scary one… His face used to expand to hear maybe… And then he reacted… He killed 5 army men. That was the 1 Creature think about others! He with his mates almost killed 75 soldiers out of 80. Five were running behind were tens and hundreds of such creatures following them to taste their meat and flesh. The 5 soldiers came out and they used RDX and burned whole spaceship. And in those 5 soldiers I was one.”

Sara, “Wait… Does that mean all creatures have died?”

Owen, “Actually all did die but there is still a problem.”

Sara, “What is problem”

Owen, “The creatures were actually kept as weapons so in case if the real aliens die these creatures would eat up all living things and make that planet free for the aliens to come and colonize it. But while coming out the saliva of one of the creatures was stuck on one of the soldiers. That soldier turned into…”

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