Last Man On Earth - 9 - The Hemocyte Escape Plan books and stories free download online pdf in English

Last Man On Earth - 9 - The Hemocyte Escape Plan

Slowly Hemocytes were increasing in number. It was 10PM. One Hemocyte Was very near he broke the back window and as he was going to take Andy Jack bited that Hemocyte's head off. It was not atall safe. And now they cannot go home too as if they went, Hemocytes would get to know where they live. SO only option was to wait till Sun Rises.

It was 12PM. Hemocytes still follow them. Their fuel was also low. Owen decided It was their last breath. Fuel could only last a thousand KM. They also cannot Leave and go to the highway as earlier the government had broken all ways to escape from here so that Hemocytes stayed there only but unluckily it didn’t work.

They had no option left. Andy was 12 and he found a rocket launcher in the back. He quickly said, “Mom DAD look I found a locket launcher. And this car is of Lieutenant Jacob. They both were happy. Now there was hope of living. Sara quickly went back and saw that below the rocket launcher box there were few guns and lasers too… They now might be able to survive this catastrophe. Owen opened the hood and as Hemocyte neared, Sara Shot HE Missile from the rocket launcher and BOOOMMM!!!!

Last Man On Earth – 9 – The Hemocyte Escape Plan

They found out that HE bombs created heat similar to Sun which harmed Hemocytes.

When a lot of Hemocytes came near they shot it… But After about 2-3 hour of driving Owen was getting tired… They can’t go home. They have to wait till 7PM as the Sun will rise at 7.

All were waiting for a miracle. Slowly ammunations was decreasing. They had very little ammunition and the car's fuel was decreasing. Hemocytes got nearer and nearer. Owen thought maybe if he pressed the accelerator when Hemocytes were near they could last a few more hours.

Owen said, “I have an idea you attack them with semi-automatic and automatic guns and I will turn off the car and when they come near I will start the car and accelerate.”

Sara, “ Are you sure as I don’t think it will work…”


Sara agreed.

Sara took out a P-90 gun and started shooting. It took around 3 shots just to make a Hemocyte fall back. Think how much would be needed for them to die!?

Sara said, “They are coming near…” Owen quickly started the car and rushed ahead while Sara's leg touched the reverse and they were going backward with full speed. Although dashing could be a good idea but at such times when you are alone… You have a family which lives on your decision.

“SSSARRRAAA” exclaimed Owen. He dashed the gear to D. And sport mode they just came out from Death. They don’t want to be dissolved in stomach acid of those filthy creatures.

Their plan did not work out. They were unintentionally trying to be the food of HEMOCYTES.

Now they needed a quick and working plan for ESCAPE.

But their time had elapsed. Their fuel was over and had no way to escape. No car was around. Hemocytes nearing. They all were terrified and were going to go for a last family hug.

Hemocytes had covered them from all directions; they were all over their car. Trying to break bulletproof glass. Few Hemocytes were going to jump. Owen quickly pulled Sara and turned off the roof. Huge dent was formed on the car as Hemocyte jumped.

“Dad I have an ESCAPE PLAN...” said Andy. “Dad if we do a 360 degree with a car so that Hemocytes could go away and as they go mom can shoot them out with the machine gun.”

Owen thought Doing and Dying is good instead of emotional death. He took control of the car and quickly accelerated for a few metres and then applied a hand brake. 360 did happen and as Hemocytes moved a little Sara opened the roof and DHISHOOOM the bullets firing from Machine gun …

Just imagine viewers slow motion—Owen turning the car and Sara shooting creatures… Exciting ??

NO! They had to escape so as they did a 360 flip they decided to go straight wherever the fuel takes them…

Owen kept driving and then ………….. appeared…