Last Man on Earth - 4 - Sara and Andy DEAD? books and stories free download online pdf in English

Last Man on Earth - 4 - Sara and Andy DEAD?

Sara, “What more she said?”

Owen, “ One day an army officer was passing by a cage and this creature scratched him with his new long nails from the circulation hole… That day that soldier wasn’t feeling well he was also shifted to a Glass cage and the next day he turned to the same creature… And that too much faster…”

Sara, “Oh no that means it is communicable?”

Owen, “Not sure but Scientists gave them the name ‘HEMOCYTES’. And the soldier on whom saliva was felt was communicating with another infected soldier by screaming… And here comes more scarier news…”

Sara, “What Now!! Isn’t this horror enough??”

Owen, “Actually no… Those 2 yesterday night got out of control and broke the glass cage and leftThey headed into the city. Although it's far from us , they are not found. They are right now going in city to expand their population.”

Sara, “That is Bad. Why do they want you to be in the army again?”

Owen, “Actually those Hemocytes killed all army men and now afterwards I am the most experienced. They want me to get back there and lead army”

Sara, “What about me and Andy?”

Owen, “Right now I need to go to base. A few soldiers will come and give you groceries and boxes of water, take it and don’t get out till everything is clear. Ok?”

Sara, “Okay”

Owen with his new shining uniform went at base. There he saw that everything shattered and scattered here and there. He met Brenda.e took her to headquarters and told more things in more detail.

Owen’s first job was to alarm everyone not only in America but all over the world. He made a n important interview and alerted everyone. His next step was to find those 2 Hemocytes. He and his 14 squadrons went to find them and urged other nations to join hands.

It was now 1 month and Sara read Newspaper headline with bold and big letters- “NEW YORK SEALED AND SHUT DOWN”.

She called Owen and asked about the situation. Owen said that he was coming and told Sara to pack bags of hers and Andy’s.

After Half an Hour Owen came with 4 military cars and 1 tank with him. He took Sara and Andy with him in his SUV. In car they talked,

Sara, “What is Situation?”

Owen, “They are locking everything even Washington D.C”

Sara, “Why is the situation worsening?”

Owen, “Yes, I am not going to tell a lie but humanity is going to end. We could not find those 2 early Hemocytes because they spread their virus everywhere.”

Sara, “Did they bite everyone?”

Owen, “No”

Sara, “What has started to spread through Air?!”

Owen, “WE think so. Many operations were held but no one could defeat them. I am taking you to Army Ships. They are in the Pacific ocean and only a few people are told to come and know about it. It's good that I managed space for you two…

Sara interrupted, “We 2 where are you going?”

Owen, “I need to stay on the ground…”

“Sir we have reached.” Said driver.

The talk was interrupted. They all came out. Helicopters were coming and taking people. A lot of people are screaming and standing on barriers. Police officers trying to stop them. They needed to go for a check up. If their eyes were not proper they were Hemocytes. For him the checkup was done. After a lot of pushing here and there they made it out. A news helicopter landed. They went in.

Andy gave his pet puppy to his father; he was a Doberman. Just like you see on the cover page. The helicopter started. Owen had to take it. As the helicopter reached a little height. Many people started shouting. Owen turned back and he saw on one of the other helicopters Hemocytes were clinged and the pilot lost control and BOOOM!!! That helicopter crashed with that of Owen’s in which Sara and Andy were there.

He was taken aback. Owen was pushed in water hence he was saved other than him other all were now Hemocytes. Ohh one thing I forgot to tell you readers, Hemocytes only came out at night they cannot bear sunlight.

This is how Owen became LAST MAN ON EARTH.