Last Man on Earth - 3 - Apocalypse Has Started books and stories free download online pdf in English

Last Man on Earth - 3 - Apocalypse Has Started

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Owen, “Aliens have arrived”

Sara, “What are you saying, say everything?”

Owen, “Brenda said that in Death Valley actually an alien spaceship came which were dormant. Army seized that area and took it to nearest base. Army chief called best scientists and Brenda to check on it. After around 4 months, from it fell which is 1st August, they opened it. They found few aliens inside which were already dead due to crash. It was not although a small spaceship; it was a huge spaceship. Army people went inside with Brenda leading them. They found strange eggs. They did not know what it was; one soldier fell due to a device and his hand touched one of the eggs. The egg started to move and it touched another egg and soon all eggs started to move. All the eggs were slowly becoming red. They all burst out. It was not a shell covering it was a cell sap which could break easily. A strange creature came out; it was more like a deathly animal. It had long teeth and walking on his 4 limbs. It was like a mixture of tiger, lion Dinosaur and all those animals you can think of… It was an ugly and scary one… His face used to expand to hear maybe… And then he reacted… He killed 5 army men. That was the 1 Creature think about others! He with his mates almost killed 75 soldiers out of 80. Five were running behind were tens and hundreds of such creatures following them to taste their meat and flesh. The 5 soldiers came out and they used RDX and burned whole spaceship. And in those 5 soldiers I was one.”

Sara, “Wait… Does that mean all creatures have died?”

Owen, “Actually all did die but there is still a problem.”

Sara, “What is problem”

Owen, “The creatures were actually kept as weapons so in case if the real aliens die these creatures would eat up all living things and make that planet free for the aliens to come and colonize it. But while coming out the saliva of one of the creatures was stuck on one of the soldiers. That soldier turned into a different type of human.”

Sara, “Different type of Human means?”

Owen, “After those 5 soldiers returned they were kept in a camp which was basically Quarantine Camp. In that 4 Soldiers including Brenda were ok but the one on which Saliva had fallen was acting differently.”

Sara, “In what ways are they different?”

Owen, “His colour was changing to grey and his height was increasing he was not able to survive heat. If he was near Sun his skin started to burn. That is why Brenda, being Commander in Chief, decided to keep that soldier in a Glass Cage. There scientists and biologists could study him. Later they got to know that he was slowly turning to a different type of Human. His DNA was changing his cells were responding differently, his senses were changing, his organs’ functioning was changing. A lot was changing in him. He was slowly becoming a different type of creature.”

Sara, “Tell me more”

Owen, “The scary part is that when a person went inside to give him food he did not eat food. Bu..”

Sara interrupted, “Isn’t it good if he doesn't eat he will die…”

Owen, “No actually he ate that man he bit him to death. All were shocked. Also that soldier's physical strength increased and he couldn’t talk any more he made a few scary sounds. They were like, they were like spooky sounds irritating and scary… And when he was angry he screamed but not like humans he more like roared and his scream was too loud…”

Sara, “What more she said?”

Owen, “ One day an army officer was passing by a cage and this creature scratched him with his new long nails from the circulation hole… That day that soldier wasn’t feeling well he was also shifted to a Glass cage and the next day he turned to the same creature… And that too much faster…”

Sara, “Oh no that means it is communicable?”

Owen, “Not sure but Scientists gave them the name ‘HEMOCYTES’. And the soldier on whom saliva was felt was communicating with another infected soldier by screaming… And here comes more scarier news…”

Sara, “What Now!! Isn’t this horror enough??”

Owen, “Actually no… Those 2 yesterday night……..”