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Unknown Love - Episode 1

Rajveer an handsome, smart, intelligent, arrogant and rude guy. Rajveer reach to Mumbai at his house 🏠.
Rajveer then make a call to servant and asked to clean the house. The house get clean by servant.
Some time later, Anshika at her house was making dinner for her parents and her brother was excited for dinner tonight it was special dish by Anshika.
Her father DCP Rajawat Rai and his wife Ayesha Rai was very possesive for son and he was hating Anshika but for Rajawat she accepts her as daughter.
They all have dinner together but Anshika do not eat as she has to go somewhere else and Anshika's brother Avinash appreciate her cooking skills and Ayesha also appreciate and tells her to tell about where she is going now at late night.
Rajawat get tense and says, " Ashi, my daughter where you are going and that to late night."
Anshika says with cute face, " Oh Dad with RV, Kavi, Kashish, Siya, Aditya,Harsh and Dr.Kiara actually tonight Kavi is proposing his girlfriend and we plan romantic arrangement for them."
Anshika telling this leaves and says, " She will try to come early. But don't worry RV will drop me to home."
The all friends reach to pub and Kavi was tensed as he was tensed with what will the answer of Siya?
RV means Ranveer best friend of Anshika and he says, " Anshika because you I got late and come on let's have drink 🍻."
Aditya and Dr.Kaira was missing and Harsh says with smile on face, " The love birds are upstairs means there are rooms for privacy. They both having romance in the room."
Aditya screams from upstairs and says, " Harsh just shut up, we both just arranging the things for Kavi and Siya."
Kavi goes room and see the arrangements. Harsh and Aditya had cute fight over Dr.Kiara topic because Aditya was in love with Dr.Kiara but never showed to her means never try to express his feelings for her.
Harsh was teasing Aditya, Kashish and Dr. Kaira was standing near entrance to see Siya. Kashish runs towards Ranveer and tells to start the drama as Siya have reach here, Anshika sent message from phone 📱 to Kavi to get ready. Dr. Kiara comes towards Aditya and Harsh then shouts at them and tell them to get ready as Siya has arrived here at pub.
Siya see there all friends are serious and she runs towards them and asked where is Kavi as he is leaving her forever and leaving the town also!
Siya runs towards upstairs as Ranveer tell her Kavi is upstairs there is a room and he is waiting for her.
Siya reach the room and open the door and al friends reach to see Kavi and Siya's conversation. All friends was watching from window as door was closed.
Siya get suprised to see decorated room and rose petals falls on her.
Kavi was standing in front of her with tears in eyes and confess his love for her.
Siya get emotional and runs towards her and hugs him. All friends get happy and Harsh was recording the moment of love 💕 confession and Dr.Kiara was click their photos.
Siya kisses Kavi on his lips with passionate love feeling and confession her love by kissing passionately.
All friends get happy and Siya get shy and says, " Oh means it was plan and I think leaving town forever and me was a lie. Am I right Kavi."
Kavi nods his head and asked her to forgive. Siya demand for a dance together on romantic song. Aditya plays a romantic song and Kavi-Siya dance together.
Anshika get a call from someone then tells Ranveer she will come in few minutes back.
Anshika goes and attend the call it was her brother calling and tell her to come soon as possible as it's too late. Anshika tell him that she will reach and give a miss call on his phone he has just open the door for her. Her brother agrees and disconnect the call.
Anshika was standing at entrance and a guy comes and Anshika was going to fall but that guy save from falling. That guy was none other than Rajveer but his arrogant attitude make Anshika irritate.
Rajveer says, "If can't see and get lens in your eyes."
Anshika says, " I am sorry but listen you don't have manners how to talk to a girl?"
Rajveer says with anger, " Listen get away and I know how to talk but girls like you always try to find a way get a guy make him boyfriend and show off."

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