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Unknown Love - Episode 10

Rajveer runs towards to catch her up she runs towards his room. Rajveer holds her tightly and they fall on bed together on each other.
Rajveer's face was near to her face, there was only little bit distance from her lips.
Anshika and Rajveer looks to each other and she closes her eyes as she thought he might get angry on her.
Rajveer was looking at her with innocence and get more near to her lips but he suddenly try to stop self and getting up. But his locket and her pendant was entangled, suddenly he falls again on her. Their forehead hits and she opens her eyes, see Rajveer with big eyes. Rajveer's eyes were closed and feels hurt her touch on his forehead. He also opens his eyes and slowly get away, try to get separate the pedant of her from his locket. Anshika looks at him and finally pedant and locket get separate, she lingers her fingers in his hairs.
Rajveer then says, " Anshika, you get up now, wait I will get up first." He get up and sit beside her, she also get up and sit beside him. They feels hestiate to face each other, they again turns towards each other, they were face to face to each other.
Anshika holds his hand tightly and Rajveer licks his lips. Anshika closes her eyes again and feels her heartbeats are going faster as he getting near, Rajveer also feeling same as Anshika.
Rajveer keep his palm on her cheek, Anshika place her palm on his hand. Rajveer get more close to her.
Anshika take her face near to his face, they taking faster breath and finally they kiss each other and it was an intimate kiss. It was dream, Anshika and Rajveer feels relieve as it was a dream.
The door bell rings and they get out of dream and was sweating as if they was nervous to face each other.
Rajveer and Anshika calm down as it was dream of kiss. Rajveer asked her come with him and sit on couch in living room.
Rajveer walks fast to open the door, his uncle surprise him by his presence, his uncle notice Rajveer is tensed.
His uncle enters in and see a girl sitting on couch, his uncle think it must be his girlfriend.
Rajveer take his luggage in and he thinks about his surprising him by arriving at home. His uncle tell about his work has finished, so decided to surprise him.
His uncle walks towards couch and seeing Anshika get shocked and Rajveer introduce him Anshika is his junior, as she works with him as Senoir inspector officer.
Rajveer notice that his uncle knows her, Anshika say hello and touch his feet for taking blessings, but he stop her by saying, "Oh dear, no please be sitted, I just come from washroom. Rajveer please can you make tea for me?"
Rajveer nods his head and his uncle walks towards washroom, then his uncle take out his phone calls someone by telling that she is not death and sitting here with Rajveer. The other person from other side get in tension and tell that he will there in few hours.
Ayesha was tensed as where has Anshika gone. Rajawat asked where is Anshika and Ayesha with annoyed face shows him the message of Anshika from her phone.
Ayesha asked him to make a control on Anshika as first also she suffered because of her stubborn wish and now also doing same, if he didn't explain the limits of her wishes and they will suffer as first, already family suffered a lot pain not again.
Rajawat take his car keys and go to find Anshika.
Anshika at Rajveer's house, she asked Rajveer can she help him, Rajveer it's not required, but Anshika not listen to him and walks towards kitchen.
Rajveer walks towards her and try to stop but she starts making tea for his uncle.
Rajveer asked her to as it boils he will pour and asked her to go and sit on couch.
Rajveer holds her drags it towards him, she was going to fall but he handles her, she holds him tightly and he whispered in her ears, " Sorry, for that happened in the room, means we fall on each other... then our forehead hits."
Anshika interrupts his talk and says, " It happened by mistake and come on tea is ready."
Rajveer pours the tea in cup and says, "Anshika, thanks and as we are not on duty, you can call me Rajveer...As we are same age and only you can...but only when we are not on duty."
Anshika nods her head and his uncle comes and see both are close.
His Uncle Rahat says, " Well, Veer did she you finished interrogation with your girlfriend!"
Rajveer and Anshika get away from each other and he says, " Uncle please we are just friends not girlfriend boyfriend...got it. Actually, Mom's birthday coming thinking about sending gifts to orphanage and old-age home, I need help I thought she will help me in shopping as she knows about this area better than me."