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Unknown Love - Episode 6

Rajveer get up and get ready for duty. Rajveer was little late to wake up. Anshika reach on time for fittness training session and Rajveer reach out there in session as he was training her. Rajveer's mind that, she is smart and intellegent just need to get fit with healthy body as it is important for a police officer.
Anshika was annoyed with him because Rajveer was strict in session and it was boring for her with irration feeling.
After the training session, Rajveer asked her upadate about the case that suspect has come or not, he wants to interrogated him.
Anshika nods her head and say, " Yes, Aditya has find out him. He will be right here in one hour, actually he caught out of town."
Rajveer goes to change the clothes to changing room.
Sometime later, Anshika was arranging the files in Rajveer's cabin.
Rajveer remembers about the robbery and murder case, he asked the update of case then also remember what Anshika said, "Sir, in this case the robber has steal the money, jewelry and accessories in which some where antiques, but one lady and young boy got murdered. But case look little twisted because both situation differs with timings, this is mismatch."
Aditya and Harsh was checking records of finger prints as he was finding the finger print that they got at murder spot.
Ranveer and Kavi was handling the pending cases,so they were busy in it.
In interrogation room, Kashish with Rajveer interrogating the person who was the husband(Vinay) of that lady (Asha) got murdered.
The husband of lady means Vinay says with fear, " Sir, she was cheating me and my son was questioning me, that I am torturing her mother."
Rajveer slap him and say, " You beat your wife and son daily, right."
Vinay says with panic expression, " Yes, because she was trying to cheat me by helping that worst and nonsense guy Manish. Manish has bad eye on her. I told her to stay away from him but she slept with him one night. I got this photos see my moblie gallary."
Rajveer slaps him again and says, "This are the fake photos and you murder your wife and son.Tell me orginal reason otherwise it will change to touture for you."
Vinay says, " What? My wife and son murdered? No, I love them and yes I accept that I torture them and beat them but never think to kill!"
Rajveer remembers his past and get in anger mode. Rajveer beats Vinay while interrogation. Kashish get scared of Rajveer's anger and try to stop him but he didn't stop.
Then Kashish thinks to take help of Anshika.
Kashish comes running towards Anshika and she asked why she is in hurry and looking in tension.
Kashish tells what happening in interrogation room, Anshika leaves the files on table and runs towards the interrogation room.
Anshika remembers that while interrogating the neighborhood, she remembers that a person told about his medical history that he is having haemophobia means phobia of blood, whenever a person see blood around get irritated and scared feeling.
Anshika sees Rajveer's anger behaviour which change to revenge form. Anshika asked her to call a doctor and asked Aditya to come here to help her and leave the work for now.
Anshika asked Aditya and Kashish to handle Vinay with care and also give him the first aid to him.
Anshika then try to make Rajveer cool his anger but he was not listening to her and push her away.
Anshika falls down and get hurt on forehead. Anshika get up and try to rescue Vinay and shout at Rajveer with arrogance. Anshika holds Rajveer's hand and asked him to come with her.
Anshika take Rajveer to his cabin and scold him, " Sir, have you lost it.You didn't read the file. Sir, he is having haemophobia means phobia of blood. So, he can't kill his wife and son. Manish this guy is common in these case as he is responsible for misunderstanding between their relationship. Sir, have you forget your rules of discipline and responsibility that your behaviour is not good enough."
Anshika has got hurt on forehead and Rajveer turns towards her and saw that she has got hurt due to him, it was bleeding.
Rajveer walks towards his table and open the drawer then from that take out the first aid box. Rajveer asked Anshika to sit on chair.
Rajveer clean her blood separate over her side face with help of cotton piece and put ontiment on her wound and bandage it.
Anshika was upset on his behaviour as he was not having sense to feel that someone is getting hurt.
Rajveer try to say sorry but Anshika stand up and say, " Sir, I have arrange all things proper and I will see this case you try to handle your anger first. Sir, I saw there is problem of your personal matter I think, but for us duty comes first . Everyone has past and pain but we have to accept and learn from it, it's better way to deal with it. Past always hurt so don't make it pain, make it moral which will help in guide in life decision making."
Anshika walks out of his cabin and Rajveer also come out with her.
Harsh tells that a finger print has got match to a person but that is in mental asylum.
Anshika says with confidence, " Sir, I think we got the lead means this mental asylum will take us towards orginal murderer."
Rajveer thinks it may be possible because robbery and murder at different timing, this twist will soon get solved.

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