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Unknown Love - Episode 2

Anshika and Rajveer had a cute fight. Rajveer with arrogance walks towards table and her all friends come to their table.
Anshika inform about new officer is coming and a new ACP. All of them get shock 😲 and Siya asked how she knows about this matter.
Kavi tells her that her father is a DCP and he must told her about this matter.
Ranveer says with tensed look, "Anshi, is he a arrogant, attitude means how is a new ACP?"
Anshika tells about new ACP and says, " He is Dad's favourite and he worked with Dad first also but as officer and he got promoted as ACP by seeing his working skills and intelligence. One more thing he is smart and not like to much talk and no dramas while working."
Ranveer laughs and says, " It's big danger for Anshika because she can't live without drama and gossip."
Harsh, Aditya agree on Ranveer's talk and Kavi says with emotional face, " RV just shut up my sister is innocent girl and a good girl.Anshika is smart, intelligent and beautiful don't challenge her skills because she solved many complicated cases."
Siya and Dr.Kiara to support Kavi. Anshika feels good and remembers Rajveer with him she had a fight and for her he was unknown person.
They all enjoy the time and all return to their home.
Next morning, they all reach for their duty and Anshika got late for her duty.
Rajawat was tensed as Anshika was already late and new ACP like discipline and punctual person and she was today late.
Anshika reach to duty but she was listening 🎧 music 🎶 in headphone.
All of them got tensed as Anshika arrives with singing songs with little loud voice.
ACP get annoyed feeling and see Anshika was walking but her face was opposite to him.
ACP was standing at her back and he removes her 🎧 headphone and throw on table.
Anshika get angry then turns and seeing him get shocked 😲.
Anshika says with annoyed face, " You here! Listen what are you doing here? I think you..."
He interrupt and says with anger, "Yes, here I am your senior don't have manners to wish and you are late for your duty."
Anshika asked him about his identity and he tells that he is ACP Rajveer Shekhawat.
Anshika get stressed 😥 and hestiate to talk.
ACP Rajveer explains his rules and says, " Miss Anshika right listen from tomorrow you will report me at 7:30am and you need training for fitness. Ranveer and Aditya you will see the pending cases. Kavi, Kashish and Harsh you take look for new cases. Miss Anshika you will give the reports of new cases and pending cases updates. All get to work."
Rajveer goes to his cabin and Rajawat goes to his cabin.
Anshika get stressed 😥 and tense as she doesn't like to wake up early in morning and he asked to her for morning training for fitness. Ranveer tease her and laugh 😂 on her for her own mistake.
Anshika thinks Rajveer is taking revenge and so he called her so early in morning for training for fitness.
Rajveer check their profile on his desktop and get surprised all are good at work and well skilled. Rajveer get shocked 😲 seeing Anshika's profile and she was ranked first in training sessions and well trained officer. She had solved a complicated case of mystery murder case which was so complicated means evidence was there but unavailable to find the original culprit. She finds it within 7days and successful saved girls which was hostages in old factory and she rescue them with smart plan.