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Unknown Love - Episode 5

Rajveer asked Anshika to join for dinner with him and he notice her pain and emotions. Anshika feels little bit emotional and hestiate to face Rajveer. Rajveer order food for them and Anshika order two more dishes.
Rajveer see with shock 😲 and says, "Anshika are you sure and so much food?"
Anshika with cute face says, "Sir, wherever I get stressed 😥 or tensed I need eat lot because in stress our body needs more energy."
Rajveer hits forehead with his plam and says, " Really, Anshika you waste your energy for a person who not need of friend's care?"
Anshika with emotional face, " Sir, he had bad childhood his parents never loved him and left him in hostel. His father with other many women date, then he got married to a lady who was rich which handle his business and divorce his mother. In jealously his mother married to other person. So, he hate relationships and this Jiya is his just a date but he really love Kashish but he scared of his own feelings. Kavi is an orphan but his teacher who adopted him and given a good life and career, Aditya and Harsh is having normal family background. Dr. Kaira is good doctor and Manufacturing Businessman's daughter. Well, all are happy with their own life and but serious for work."
Rajveer questions about her life. Anshika was telling about her life but waiter brings their ordered food.
They both have dinner together and Anshika message to Ayesha that is having dinner and no need to wait for her.
Anshika feels better and see Ranveer is not on table. Rajveer notice her concern for Ranveer as he is best friend of her.
Rajveer says with soft voice, "I know you care for him. I have one suggestion for you if you care for that person we can only suggest cannot force them to take decision of their life."
Anshika feels good and gives smile. Anshika asked him for a walk. Rajveer agree and they walk on street and Anshika asked with straight forward manner, "Sir, are you taking revenge because you called me morning for fitness training."
Rajveer laughs and says, " Anshika, such cute face and sweet voice listen I am seriously said for you means a officer should have fit body. You are good at work it's seems but really it's good for daily routine also."
Anshika then see Ice cream stall and asked him to come and treat is from her as he paid for dinner.
Rajveer agree and as he don't like to eat ice cream as he remember his bad childhood, but for her happiness he eat ice cream.
Rajveer notice her cute expression and face then lose in her eyes again.
Anshika was going on talking and tells about her favourite actor and tells about her passion to watch action movies.
Rajveer laughs suddenly and says, " Anshika you should be a boy because your so active and your actions like boy, but your gossip prove that you are a girl."
Anshika gently hit on his shoulder then Rajveer gives an annoyed 😠 look towards her.
Rajveer feels as has been very rude without any reason. He drops her home and she asked him to come in but he ignores her.
Anshika asked him to leave but insist her to go.
Rajveer asked her to go in and then he will go. Anshika pushed the button for doorbell to ring and Avinash open the door.
Anshika turn sees Rajveer has gone and get in house.
Avinash tells Rajawat and Ayesha had sleep 😴 and she should also sleep as its 11:40 pm of night.
Anshika get fresh, change the clothes wear a night dress then go to sleep and remember the moment when Rajveer was looking at her and holding her. Then she got to sleep.
Rajveer reach to house and he get fresh and change clothes then wear a inner wear and a shorts.
Rajveer feels good as he never feel before and after so many years he had good time and enjoy the time without any questions and tension.

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