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Unknown Love - Episode 4

The day at duty was little good and all return to their house after work.
Anshika was angry 😡 on Rajveer's behaviour and walks towards Rajawat which was going to sit on couch 🛋️.
Rajawat hugs her and asked her to sit on couch 🛋️. Anshika asked with anger, " Dad please tell about ACP Rajveer Shekhawat. He doubts on my abilities and skills. You know he asked me to come for fitness training see I am so fit. I don't know how is your favourite officer and you always appreciate him today I first time saw so arrogant."
Rajawat 😂 laughs on questions and says, " This is not true my dear. Means you are fit but for duty you have to get more fit and has to control over eating. He is a good person and I know his is very focused on work and don't like to chit chat and gossip like you."
Anshika get angry and upset. Anshika take car keys from table and goes out of house.
Ayesha get worried 😟 for Anshika as she hate her behaviour but not her.
Anshika drove the car in tension and goes towards pub. There was Rajveer sitting already and having drink 🍻.
Rajveer seeing Anshika get stressed.
Anshika sit beside him unknowingly and says, " Mr. Rajveer you are so arrogant and selfish."
Rajveer answer with attitude, " Thanks for your compliment." Anshika turn little left side and see Rajveer sitting beside her.
Anshika says, " You here also oh...no."
Rajveer, " Oh...yes I am here then."
Anshika feels unease and feels like fainting.
Rajveer notice that she feeling unease and he offer her water and ask is she good?
Anshika drink water and nods her head that means feeling better.
Anshika tells him that it happens sometimes don't worry about this matter.
Ranveer was with his girlfriend Jiya a crazy girl. Anshika get up try to walk further but her leg get slip from floor, she was going to fall but Rajveer handle her by holding her one hand and hold waist.
Anshika open her eyes feels someone has saved from falling. Rajveer was looking at her with love and feels like having some connection.
Rajveer and Anshika lost in each other eyes by seeing each other.
Jiya comes with Ranveer and see Anshika with guy that to in Romantic style. Jiya walks towards Anshika and give surprise to her with shouting her name.
Anshika and Rajveer get scared. They both hestiate to see each other and Jiya asked her about who is this handsome guy.
Anshika feels irritated as she don't like her.
Jiya asked Ranveer to come here and see Anshika is with a handsome guy.
Ranveer get hestiate to face her. Anshika shouts at him and says, " RV you with this Jiya have you lost your mind."
Ranveer asked Jiya to arrange some snacks for him, Jiya walks towards a table and sit on chair then make a order for some snacks. Jiya then get busy taking her own selfies from phone 📱.
Rajveer walks towards his table. Anshika holds collar of Ranveer and says, " You should have break-up relationship with this girl, because she is using you and she has no sense of humor and always show off her rich status. I think Kashish suit you as you said you want a girl who will take care of you and your things. Please don't hesitate to express feelings for her. We all know that you and Kashish are in good relations."
Ranveer walks towards Jiya and kiss on her cheeks and says, " I love you baby."
Anshika feels rejected as no one listen her talk and understand her feelings of loneliness.
Rajveer asked Anshika to join for dinner with him and he notice her pain and emotions.

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