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Unknown Love - Episode 3

Rajveer get little bit surprised and happy as he is working with good team but now only need of discipline in office.
Anshika get stressed as she thinks why he asked her for fitness training for her. Ranveer tease her and says, " Anshika, I told you have a good diet plan for fitness.But Sir is worried seeing you but it's better you will have a good trainer."
Anshika throw the pen towards Ranveer and asked him to shut his mouth.
They all get to work and Anshika asked Harsh to come with her as there are some files which have to send to headquarter.
Anshika goes with Harsh and Aditya was busy admiring pic of Dr.Kaira in his phone 📱.
Kavi had a call from Siya for engagement ceremony purpose and they talk over it for a while, then Ranveer serach for Aditya and he see Aditya sitting in canteen. Ranveer asked him to come with him and asked to see the progress of pending cases and new updates of pending cases.
Kavi, Kashish see the new cases files and two of them cases was solved and they then thought to asked DCP Rajawat as he was handling the case.
Anshika and Harsh came from headquarter and they was looking little bit tired 😩.
Rajveer calls Anshika in his cabin and she with boring expression on her face walks towards his cabin. Anshika knock the door of Rajveer's cabin door.
Rajveer asked her to come in and she get in and he asked the new has came it's about robbery and murder case, he asked the update of case.
Anshika tells with attitude, "Sir, in this case the robber has steal the money, jewelry and accessories in which some where antiques, but one lady and young boy got murdered. But Case look little twisted because both situation differs, this is mismatch."
Rajveer asked with curiosity, " Anshika, you want to tell this are two different cases?"
Anshika with confidence, " Yes, different cases because timings of murder and robbery is different but a doubt there is in my mind. I will explained means it must be planned by robber and the murderer. Means we found four different finger prints. We trying to find out, what I think it is linked to each other but in different manner by smart planning?"
Rajveer with arrogance says, " Anshika, I saw your profile you ranked first in training sessions and Kashish ranked second but your skills are developed. Good. But looking at you I never thought, I have doubt that you trained and yo got selected means..."
Anshika get angry and says, " ACP Rajveer Shekhawat, you having doubt on my abilities, I know today, I got late because having some important work so got late. But I never got late on duty see my attendance. Wait see my profile I have solved my cases."
Rajveer give a evil smile, " Oh... really I don't think it must you are taking credit of others work."
Anshika walks towards him and stand in front of him and see into his eyes with anger.
She says with confidence, " Sir, I am seriously focused and honest to work and work with dedication. You have doubt just clear it now."
Rajveer feels she confident with her work and it shows her honesty towards work.
Rajveer then asked her to come tomorrow at morning 7:30 am at sharp time.
Anshika nods her and then walks towards her table and check the status of report of finger prints on computer.

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