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Unknown Love - Episode 33

Anshika with sad face say, "Rajveer, why are you are disturbing me. I was dreaming such a good moment of fight. I was fighting for you and you was upset as I not let you take part in the fight."
Rajveer tickling over her body and kisses on her cheeks.
Anshika say with cuteness and mischievous smile, "Well, I have to inform at home that we have reach to hotel."
Rajveer with two fingers try to gently pull her nose. Anshika holds his hand and stop him. Rajveer tells her that he has informed at her home already, when she was getting fresh.
Anshika thanks him and asked him to lie down on the bed for sometime with her.
Anshika was in his arms and Rajveer was lingering her hairs. Anshika unbutton his shirt and rubs her hand gently on his chest and kiss on it.
Rajveer holds her hand and leans over her and say, "Anshika, I don't want to you to marry me now. Means you are not mentally not ready because of your past pain."
Anshika asked him to hug her tightly and say, "You are right but it was a past which cannot be changed. But Rajveer I am afraid of losing you don't know why,but after seeing Nile back, I am scared please... promise me that you will never take a step for me or anyone else means I want to don't risk your life. I have seen Vikram bro and family for me took risk of life and they left me alone. But you came in life unknowingly and complete with your love."
Rajveer hugs her tightly and kiss on her shoulder and neck with passionate feeling. Anshika also kiss on his cheeks and shoulder, she linger her hand over his back.
At Anishika's house, Rajawat and Ayesha was discussing about Anishika's life and Avi comes in hurry from his room. Avi tells about Nile is back in the city. They get tensed listening to him and get worried for Anshika.
Anshika and Rajveer finally confess their deep feeling of love by kissing each other on lips with passionate feeling.
Anshika and Rajveer finally stop Kissing after a passionate kiss and Rajveer get up from the bed and walks towards the window site.
Anshika open her eyes and see Rajveer is hiding emotional pain.
Anshika walks towards him and hug from back and say, "Rajveer you never told about yourself and emotional pain. Don't worry I want you tell your painful memories to me that you are hiding from me, as when we will meet after you going for mission, I don't know but I want to know you..."
Rajveer turns towards her and kisses her passionately on her lips and Anshika stop him by making him away from her.
Rajveer says with emotional feeling, "I am missing my Mom. Rahat uncle took my care in absence of her, but family is family for me my mother is everything. Dad choose wrong path in life means he is a big goon now. This case will help to find my mother and I will rescue my mother from him. My mother wants to give me a good and normal life so handover me to Rahat uncle. A accident make us away means in car accident, she make me away and tell my father that I am missing. He is trying to find me but Rahat uncle always distract him. But now I am hiding from him that I going to rescue my mother in anyway from my father."
Anshika was looking towards him with tears in her eyes, Anshika hugs him and say, "I will help you and we will rescue your mother definitely Rajveer. Let's have dinner together now!"
Rajveer say with upset feeling, "We will stay here for today. Tomorrow, I will go for mission and..."
Anshika interrupt his talk by feeding him the cupcake.
Rajveer hold her waist tightly and drags her towards him and he share the cupcake through his mouth with her and she eat from the other side. They were seeing each other with mischievous thoughts.
Anshika suddenly coughs and Rajveer rub her back and offer the water. Anshika take a sip of water from the glass. Rajveer asked her is she feeling better now?
Anshika nods her head and Rajveer hugs her again.

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