A Romantic Revenge - 5 books and stories free download online pdf in English

A Romantic Revenge - 5

It was a stormy night of July when every corner of the city was passed out in the darkness of load shading . Kuhu is the only one sitting on the street side of the mountains. While everyone back in the home was searching for her . She was too busy with her own thoughts to think about that. She was sitting in a corner of the street covering her head with the school Jacket, water drops are dripping from her whole body . Even then she was thinking of a jerk who made her feel like she is unwanted. Now she smiles at her foolishness every time she thinks of that situation. However it was a big matter for her then.
"Yes, the survival of the fittest is not only the law of the jungle but also the law of society. A pig like me has no right to live to begin with . I deserve to die"
She was about to jump from the brink of the road side . When a slight frown sound came from behind the milestone. Kuhu in her inner thoughts
"Why is God toying with me even now. If I can't live peacefully then please let me die quietly."

A green sparkly eyes were sneaking behind the milestone. For a second she thought God literally came down to earth to save her. Soon after that she realised that it was the eyes of a cat . When the light was deemed a little she reached towards her she was stuck under a large piece of rock ,her neck was seriously injured . Kuhu suddenly forgot about her own worries and felt an urge to live . She lifted the rock with all her strength. When the cat came out of the trap she took it to the church for further treatment. The father of the church pet them from that day. She felt something worthy to live after that day, she felt like she is not useless anymore and swore to God to value every sip of life wine.
"It was almost 1year now if she doesn't come as the angel of God then maybe I will not be here today."
A hand reached her shoulder and she was so perplexed by the sudden approach.
" 3 times in one day, not technically 4 times . We must have some connection other than why we are crossing paths very often right."
Kuhu just couldn't say anything. The attention seeker never missed to amaze anyone . He was standing right behind where she was sitting by folding her knees. He shield her with his umbrella. She doesn't notice when it's started pouring.
"We should introduce ourselves properly right?"
"Yes ,yes. Kuhu 9th class music department. I live nearby ."
"I see , you may already know Rayan, 9th class sports department. By the way is it your pet?"
"No , but I found it and now the church is raising it on my behalf."
"I see , can I hold it?"
"Ofcourse "
Just when he stretched his hand to hold kitty she scratched him , and made an awful sound .
"Oh, God you must be hurt. Uff bad kitte go away."
"It's okay(struggling in pain)."
"No it's not okay. Come with me I will find some ointment for you."
Kuhu left slowly with Rayan but the cat was still there . The two Green eyes started to release sparkling aura again.