A Romantic Revenge - 6 books and stories free download online pdf in English

A Romantic Revenge - 6

The haunting past:-
"piggi, piggi "(chuckle, laughter) "oi pumpkin"
"Please let me go please"(whining)
It was an abandoned hallway in the darkness only three or four faces barely were visible. Some girls and boys are drawing on kuhu's face , she was resting on her knees and hands. Another girl is sitting on her back and holding her and holding her like an animal.
"This and that's fine! Oh my kuhu just look at the mirror you are a real pig now". (Laughter)
"You are very lonely right because you are a half pig and half human. No problem now we have painted your face like a pig now you can make friends in your clan "
"Please I just did what I wanted to do. But how did it offend you.?"
"Oh! You did what you were doing and we are doing our desire. Now sit and watch. Suri take off your socks. You like chocolates right piggi. Let's do our best to treat you ."
That girl dipped the socks into melted chocolate and pressed those. In kuhu's mouth.
"Urgh ,uhhh"
Kuhu threw up on the bed side floor and started crying. Why does this dream come again after haunting me a whole year I thought it might have gone totally. Maybe because I met kitty yesterday the past that froze a long time ago was shattered a little.
"Kuhu! What again." Kuhu's father came running from downstairs.
"Oh, my sweetie. Calm down a little. I thought it was finally gone."
"Me too."
"What happened? Is the new school tough for you ? Or did someone bully you again !"
"No dad, it is far better than the previous one. I made friends there. Also the teachers are good and praised my singing "
"I see what a relief. Maybe because you ate too much spicy food. Now stop crying and come down after taking medicine. Dad will make a light breakfast for you."
Kuhu headed to school after having breakfast. Many thoughts were lingering in her mind . Another new day and another bunch of events would they ever accept her as their equals?
The first half of school went on uneventfully. But it is kuhu's life how could it remain quiet.
Kuhu and jully were walking towards the canteen during the lunch break. When some girls picked on them.
"Our school really has the most boring lunch ever. That colour less spice less food disgust me."
"Let your nose down a little madam some girls like us crave for the food that we got everyday."

Jully pinched her ears and made a cute bunny face.
"Sorry miss, forgive my sins. See am I not a cute little bunny."
"Ok ok, how about a jumbo size ice cream after lunch."
"That's why I eat here my sweetie."
Some voices reach out to them from behind .
"Looks like some pig never get full even if they stuff their mouth endless food.'
"Right and pigs like them can even sing these days."
Again these teasing and insult, though she was ready for things like that but it still irritates her. But now she will not step back anymore.
"You know jully some vultures will remain too hungry to pick on others food even after having their fullest."
Lily started to laugh so hard that the girls feel ashamed to their doing.
"How dare this girl try to pick on us."
When they both picked their food one of the came forward and pushed kuhu's dish . She was about to fall and jully handled her. But the most unexpected thing was that her dish was also saved like her.

"Easy girls easy. It's food not a handsome boy to fight with"
One handsome boy with an athletic body held the dish in between his tor and leg just before the floor. That was Rayan again.