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Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 12

Chapter 12

Sukesh's ideology was broken by the sound of a cellphone ring and he saw him holding the hon in his hand and Vishal's number was on display. As soon as he received the phone, Vishal said that today's funeral ceremony has completed.  there is no work left tomorrow. I'll be free tomorrow afternoon. So let's finish the payment and registration process tomorrow itself. If Sukesh also agrees to the answer, then we will call the advocate at the registrar's office at twelve o'clock tomorrow and complete all the legal process. And then disconnected the call.

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The next morning, Vishal and Vinita finished their routine and came down to the restaurant where their staff team was to leave for Dehradun after breakfast. Even while having breakfast, there was a discussion of sandhya in everyone's mouth. The girl was everyone's favourite. SHee was loved by all because of her idiosyncratic nature. Vishal finished breakfast and gave everyone a permissionto leave . Vishal's uncle Pratap Singh was also present at the breakfast.  They were also scheduled to leave for Dehradun after finishing breakfast. Because he had come after postponing his important business meeting due to Sandhya's death. Which he kept yesterday. So they also left for Dehradun. He thougt into  the car. His hotel and construction business had been running for the third generation. Vishal's grandfather completed his studies as a civil engineer and started working in the construction line. Gradually, he started working as a builder by investing his capital along with the contract. Then with the passage of time, the hotel business also took a plunge. In which they succeeded. Because the development of tourism in present-day Uttarakhand and uttar pradesh at that time was good, Dehradun was a big hub of tourism. Vishal's father Jayendra Thakur completed his doctor's studies and became a doctor. He was employed at a defence academy hospital in Dehradun. He was more interested in serving the country. He was married to Yashoda Pandit, a girl studying with him. Yashoda got a job at the Civil Hospital in Dehradun. Later, Both refused to get married, but yashoda was sure that yashoda's family would not approve  of this marriage, so he refused to have a court marriage. Jayendra's family members and a few friends of both were present at yashoda and jayendra's wedding. Yashoda's family broke their relationship with Yashoda as soon as they got the news of the marriage. It was. Jayendra was not very interested in the family business. But he was interested in serving the country and serving the poor patient. So was Yashoda. That's why both of them accepted the job. One was dedicated to the service of the soldiers of the country. So in the service of other poor. Most of Jayendra's family business was now managed by Pratap Singh. Jayendra had full faith in his brother. And people also called them the Ram-Lakshman duo. Thus his family was happily passing the days. Pratap Singh was yet to get married. Pratap Singh was four years younger than Jayendra. Right now they were in no hurry to get married. Vishal was born after two years of marriage. Years later, when the child was born in the family, there was a wave of joy in the family. Vishal's entire family was happy. Yashoda thought her family would forgive her  after the birth of his son. But that did not happen. This made Yashoda sad. But vishal's family's love took away her  sadness. The days were passing by like this. The entire family's time was spent behind Vishal's upbringing. The whole family was happy. About two years had passed. Vishal was two years old. One day yashoda got  father’s call. He wanted to forgive Yashoda and get into a relationship back. Sadashiv Pandit called Yashoda Pandit and asked him to meet him at the Villa in Pithoragarh. All the members of the house are eagerly waiting for your son-in-law and dohitra. Yashoda replied they would leave for Pithoragarh as fast as she could. When Yashoda spoke to Jayendra about his father's phone, Jayendra told him that he would leave for Pithoragarh in a day or two. Two days later, when They left for Pithoragarh, left  Vishal with his grandparents But lthey didn’t  know that  time that they would never return to Dehradun again.  They were passing through Pithoragarh and were heading towards Balakot when their car met with an accident on the way. And their car was pushed into a deep valley and the dead bodies of Jayendra and Yashoda were also found after a week of struggle. Two-year-old Vishal was without his parents. Thakur and pandit family were devastated. On hearing the news of Yashoda and Jayendra's death, Sadashiv suffered a heart attack and collapsed there, and the father, who was living in his daughter's marriage, went on a journey to Infinity. On the other hand, Jayendra's parents were also in a bad condition. The father, who had shouldered the finances of his own young son, was also well versed in sadness. Little Vishal didn't understand what was happening in the house. He was looking at everything. Pratap Singh held Vishal's hand and cremated the body of his parents and performed all the last rites.  And at the same time he vowed that he would remain a bachelor for the rest of his life. Brought up Vishal was the goal of his life. Pratap Singh suddenly came to the present due to the shock caused by the driver hitting the brakes on the car. If you look at the window, they had completed half the journey from Pithoragarh to Dehradun.

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Vishal and Sukesh reached the registrar's office in Pithoragarh to clear the legal proceedings. And was waiting for his number  .