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When I Understand My Self


My Lovely Family & Friends,
We all together dedicate this Novel to, 😍 THIS WONDERFUL WORLD 😍

🙏 Thank You 🙏

* Our modern simple life is a wonderful gift given to us by our world, so first of all it should be our instinct to thank this beautiful world.

* My dear family .. who, regardless of what other people in the society would think, just gave priority to my decisions and allowed myself to develop. My mom and dad who have always been my courage. I am instinctively happy to offer gratitude with a wet heart at their feet.

* I am also instinctively grateful to my coach Bajrang Gondaliya" and my father and uncle who have always been an uninterrupted stream of inspiration for me.

* I am also thankful to my friends Sanjay and Bhimshi who are very close to my heart. Who have constantly increased my enthusiasm by applauding my words.

* Thanks also to my younger brother Milan, who made time for me despite the exam time.

* I also thank my dear readers here. Who have given me the gift of invaluable time and have taken an interest in reading my light effort.

* Speaking of instinctive thanks, in the end I also thank my pen, which has supported me very much, I have always been and will be grateful to my relatives as an example of my happy life.

✍ Wr.Messi

About Author... ✍

Hello dear friends ...

I am Messi Yadav, I got the name Messi because of my wrestling career, and people know me by this name. Currently I live in Jamnagar, but my address is always changing, my work and sports venues are constantly changing. That's why I keep wandering in different cities of India, I enjoy visiting new cities and people. I also enjoy learning something new, traveling around different states and learning to speak and understand about eight languages.

Like all of you, I have made many friends, and it is because of all these friends and family that you and I are living life.

In spite of the cooperation of all these people, you and I are sometimes left alone.

Whenever we fall alone we just think that we are the only ones in the world who are having problems, no one is able to understand my feelings despite my family and friends,

Really! ... It doesn't happen but until we understand ourselves we live in the midst of thoughts that only prove us alone.

But ... when we get to know ourselves, it seems to explain that the whole world is supporting us. We are beginning to succeed in making ourselves the best we can be.

📖 About First Novel 📖

Dear friends, I am very grateful to you for your support of my first novel "29 Step To Success". Friends who have not yet read the first novel should read it. He has shown 29 ways to go from failures in life to success in the novel. One by one you will get to know the whole information of where you are in your life and how far you still have to reach with the reality of your life.

📖 About Novel 📖

"When I Understand To Myself" Dear Friends, This is my second motivational novel, based on the experiences I have had and experienced in my life.

Throughout the novel the problems in the life of a man or a woman and the new events of life are talked about how a person can live a good life.

This "When I Understand To Myself" novel depicts the changes that have taken place in my life after I realized myself and the changes that I have made in myself, how calm and absolutely my life goes according to my and God's will, as well as the good and bad experiences of life.

📚 Books Summery 📚

We all feel 'alone' from time to time. We often go through both the likes and dislikes of life. Sometimes we even turn to stopping our own lives. Life is a well of understanding, in which the deeper we go, the deeper it goes. But understanding never ends. That is why living life is more fun than understanding it.

There are a lot of things in life that make a person frustrated, take away the enthusiasm to live. This book is about the same small things about relationships and maturity. This book does not teach you how to live life, but the sweet and sour things of life to do with you. Things that keep us wandering every day. But we take it for granted. It also includes the bitter realities of our lives, which we are often unwilling to accept. I hope that my words will not hurt your heart at all, and will cause a smile on your face.

*Because life and understanding say, just live me, do not understand.*

So be prepared to read the first chapter of this novel, and if you like this novel, please review and rate it to show your support, love and blessings.

Friends, this is my first attempt to write in English, and my English is a little weak, so I'm sorry if I made a mistake.

😍 Thank You 😍

Take Care 👍