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It is 10 O'clock - 17

Monika, Krishna, and Priyanka were trying very hard to solve the same problem. But the motive was different for each one of them. Krishna was doing it because it was a question of life and death for him. He was desperate and he needed this win. Priyanka was doing it because she was genuinely concerned about Krishna and loved him. Monika was doing it because, she was unable to bare the situation where Priyanka solves the problem for his beloved Krishna. Monika was in a confused state about expressing her love to Krishna as she knew that Krishna was completely fixated on the loan and how could he start the business. Plus, he just recovered from the worst setback of his life and it was hard to say from his behavior that he could ever trust the word love or not.

Meanwhile, Krishna was getting ready to meet Priyanka so that he could find the solution of this problem. He reached to her house and rang the doorbell. Priyanka opened the door and Krishna missed a heartbeat. Priyanka was looking stunningly beautiful. She wore a white dress with a little red tilak on her forehead. That was like icing on the cake. She wore pendants covering the whole ears. She braided her hair perfectly and not a single strand of hair was out of place. She smiled and welcomed him in her house. Her father was sitting on the sofa and Priyanka said, ‘Daddy, can we please solve Krishna’s problem?’

Her daddy said, ‘Princess, Have I ever let you down?’ Priyanka smiled and hugged her daddy quite tightly. And added, ‘Krishna, one of my friends is ready to teach you all about organic farming. But there is one condition. You have to stay with him on his farm for a month.’ Krishna hesitated momentarily and then agreed on that condition happily. In no time one of the hurdles was gone and that meant that Krishna is now one step closer to prove himself and fulfil his dream. After a while, Priyanka called Krishna to her room. He was going there, and his phone rang, it was Monika. Krishna had not still told Priyanka about Monika. He just stood still on the stairs and then after 60 seconds he picked up the call.

Monika said, ‘What are you doing Krishna? How much long it takes to pick up a call? Now listen. Can you come and meet me at my place within half an hour?’ Monika knew that Krishna was going to visit Priyanka’s home and out of pure jealousy she did not want that. So, she called and tried to call Krishna to her place. Krishna said, ‘Monika, you already know that I am at Priyanka’s home and I cannot come now. Can I meet you tomorrow morning please?’ Monika with a bit of anger in her tone, ‘Krishna, here I am burning midnight oil to solve your problems and you are giving me attitude. Whatever. Come. Do not come. Up to you. But remember one thing. Opportunities never strike back.’ And she straight away hung up. Krishna smiled a little bit on this childish and a little bit stubborn behavior.

‘Who was she?’, asked Priyanka with a naughty tone. Krishna with a serious face said, ‘Priyanka, I want to tell you something. I wanted to tell you since last week. But could not gather enough strength to tell you. So, now please listen to me very carefully.’ He held her hand and set beside her on her bed. Priyanka’s heart was racing like a raged bull. All her senses were concentrated on the sound of Krishna’s voice. He said, ‘I want to say that. How to say? I want to say that. How to explain who she is?’. Priyanka felt a big jolt in her heart, but she did not let it surface. She said, ‘Say it Krishna. Whatever it is. Please say it.’ Krishna said, ‘She is actually my best friend from school and we just met at her bank when I went to apply for a loan.’ Priyanka was waiting for more, so she asked, ‘and.’ And it was nothing more. For a second or two, Priyanka could not decide anything. And then she started to beat Krishna with the pillow while shouting, ‘You idiot, stupid. This was the most important thing to let me know. You almost stopped me heart. You idiot. I will not leave you for this.’

Krishna ran outside her room to save herself. Priyanka ran after him and they chased each other for a while and when they got tired, they came in the room and sat on the bed. Krishna was still laughing, and Priyanka was still angry. Because of his laughter, Priyanka stood up again in a hurry to beat him. She missed a step and about to fall. Krishna caught her and put her back safely on the bed. Both were uncomfortable for a while and none spoke. There was an awkward silence in the room.