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Krishna then went to his home and he was so tired that he just slept without thinking about anything else. While Priyanka and Monika were in two different worlds. Priyanka was trying to figure out the hesitation shown by Krishna and did not want to hurry the decision. She did not want to tell about her feelings before Krishna was ready. Priyanka was a very determined girl and she never believed in daydreaming. On the other side Monika was desperate about having a relationship with Krishna. She wanted to tell him as early as possible may be because she was feeling insecure because of Priyanka. Priyanka heard Monika’s name for the first time today, and she could see that Krishna felt very happy while he was talking about her. This thought planted a root of a very important question in her mind about Monika’s relationship with Krishna.

The question was, ‘Whether he loves her or not?’ She could not make her mind about that thought and she slept while having this thought in her mind. At the same time Monika was thinking that what will happen in the meeting tomorrow. She needed this for her love. She wanted Krishna to be hers only and not Priyanka’s. Monika had decided to go any length to get a loan for Krishna. She also slept having this thought. So, both were ready to help but in their own ways and with different motives. The Moon in the sky was also smiling and eagerly waiting for the end result of this weird situation in which probably it would be difficult to decide who won and who lost. But the Moon had to leave and make a way for the Sun to arrive. The Sun was also very curious about the results of the day.

Monika woke up early, got ready and reached to her office before time. She tried many versions of her talk with the RM, how was she going to start, what was she going to do to convince him and everything around it. She practically ran thousands of such scenarios in her mind. The judgement hour was there. She was called in the RM’s office. She went in and greeted the RM. To her surprise RM was quite young. His name was Mahesh Patel. He was quite a talented person and had a very diversified portfolio. He handled quite well-known clients and he was the best in the loan department. Monika was impressed by his personality and appearance. Mahesh broke the ice and started the conversation. He said, ‘Monika, you are a banker, and you should know that without any guarantee bank can not issue any loan. So, what do you expect from me? I can not overrule bank’s policies regarding loans.’

Monika suspected this even before the meeting started and she was ready with the answer. She said, ‘Sir, I know that. But I know him personally. He is my childhood friend. He is from a lower middle-class background. But a very talented person. I know he would be able to repay the loan. And as far as the security goes, I am ready to be the guarantor in this case. I know that bank does not accept the guarantee from a bank employee. But sir I do not have any loans currently. I am not planning to take anytime soon. If bank demands, I can give everything in writing that I will not take any loan till this loan is repaid and if Krishna can not repay, I will repay the loan.’ Mahesh was almost stunned after those strong and continuous arguments plus he was busy in watching her as she was looking marvelously beautiful.

He was eager to meet Krishna as he wanted to see that who was that person for whom Monika was ready to gamble her entire career and money. He sighed and thought, ‘Krishna is lucky to have someone like Monika in his life. I am not lucky in this department. I am never loved by anyone like this.’ He was having this internal war with his mind and Monika said, ‘Sir. Sir. What happened?’ Mahesh came back to his senses and asked, ‘Monika I would like to meet Krishna so ask him to meet me tomorrow around 12 pm. And meanwhile let me see what I can do in this matter. But I just have a single question. May I?’ Monika nodded and he asked, ‘Why are you so eager to help him without any limits?’ Monika smiled and about to answer that question and telephone rang.

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