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It is 10 O'clock - 20

Mahesh talked on the phone for a while. Meanwhile Monika was closely observing Mahesh. His persona, his professional attire, and his confidence. Everything was perfect. She was impressed. Mahesh disconnected the call and said, ‘Sorry that took too long. So, Ms. Monika I was curious to know why you are so anxious to help Krishna. Monika replied, ‘He is the one whom I love more then me. I do not know whether he loves me or not, but I love him very very much. And I can reach to any limits to make him smile.’ Mahesh said, ‘Sounds wonderful. And I hope that he also loves you the same way you love him. But if that does not happen, what will be your reaction.’

Monika could not answer that, and she just left. Mahesh knew that he made a mistake but now the arrow had been shot so nothing could be done now. He was unable to understand why he said something like that. Was that an unexplainable feeling for Monika or because of his loneliness. He could not reach to any conclusion. Meanwhile, Monika started to water the seed planted by Mahesh. What if Krishna says no. Will she be able to still help Krishna? Or Krishna has to say yes because of this tremendous favor from her which is going to change his life forever and fulfil his long-yearned dream. Monika kept on thinking, but she could not find any concrete solution to the problem as she loved him too much to bear the rejection for any reason.

Monika called Krishna and asked him to come to the bank to meet Mahesh. It was 12 o’clock and Krishna was in the bank with Monika and waiting to meet Mahesh. Both entered the cabin upon called inside. Mahesh’s face lightened up with happiness seeing Monika and he could not control that feeling. Krishna noticed that and felt awkward for a second. Mahesh started, ‘So Krishna I have gone through the proposal and personally I liked it. It is good to see that youngsters like you are adopting agriculture as a business while every other guy wants to have an office job. And I am told by Monika that you are going to be trained by an experienced farmer so that point regarding experience is covered. Now the second point is about the loan you are asking. It is 20 Lakhs and without any guarantee it would be rejected by the bank. I agreed to meet because of Monika only.’ Krishna glanced at Monika and acknowledged that. He said, ‘Sir. I understand that too. I do not have anything as a guarantee for the loan and the only thing I can promise you is hard work. As for you or the bank it is money. For me it is my life. It is the purpose of my living and I will not leave any stone unturned to succeed. I will not rest till there is a single drop of drop of blood in my body. I have already visited the plantations in other cities. Met a few suppliers and farmers in this field to know more about the hurdles and how to avoid them to grow the better and more yield, and how to sell them to better margins.’

‘So, trust me and we will have a long and fruitful relationship. Though it does not seem big right now, but it will be as time progresses.’ Mahesh probably now understood why Monika liked him. He was full of passion and that fire was visible in his eyes. His eyes were the windows to his soul, and it was pure. And he clearly had feelings for Monika but whether he was aware of that or not that was unknown to Mahesh. After a careful thought Mahesh said, ‘Krishna I would like to agree with your passion rather impressed by it. But the bank can not issue a loan based on emotions. So, we will need a guarantee and luckily for you Monika agreed to become a guarantor in this case. Normally banks do not allow the bank employees to become guarantor, but my gut feelings say to me that there will be an exception in this case. So, give me a couple of days and I will get back to you.’

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