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Unknown Love - Trailer

This novel portrays the personal life of an police officer and the power of true love. Here, the focus is more on the unconditional love; he has for his woman, rather than the action scenes. But both of them past life secret change their present life.
ACP Rajveer Shekhawat, one of the best police officers in the country, meets his soulmate Anshika, who has turned his world upside down, right from the moment he laid his eyes on her. Anshika had bad past life but unaware of her because she had a memory loss after an accident. However, what will happen to his feelings, when she tells him about her deepest secret? Would a man still love a woman, when she can’t give him what he desires? Would he still love her, when he can’t fulfill his dreams with her? Would he leave his everything, including his career for her sake?
Rajveer and Anshika had a hate story but hate change to love feeling. Rajveer an smart, intelligent, rude, arrogant and like to talk less, but Anshika was totally opposite to Rajveer as she was smart, sweet and young beautiful girl. Anshika was focused on work with serious but love to enjoy the life and face the problems with smile. Rajveer was hating his life because of his dark past and so he hate love stories and the person who are not serious about life. After meeting Anshika he decided to stay away from her because he hate her thinking of free lifestyle.
Anshika was not so experience officer and but in office every like her and talks. But Rajveer not like her behaviour because no was serious on there work and focused in life.
Rajveer was appointed new at office and asked him to handle this branch and handle the new cases with solving the case with smart move.
Rajveer think that if Anshika has give a work that will keep her busy and he was irritated with her behaviour and talkive nature.
But Rajveer was unknown about her case solving skills. It was not like that their officer was not serious but used solve the case with cool move and smart ways, Rajveer serach their records and it was surprising for him as he thought they was not serious about work but they many complicated case with well mannered.
On one side, there is Rajveer who can move heaven and earth for her, and on the other side, there is Nile Verma, a criminal but he hide his crime by showing that he is a good person well settled businessman and who can make her life hell, for rejecting him. How will Anshika fight with her own insecurities and reach Rajveer? How will she escape from Nile's evil plan? How will Rajveer manage to destroy Anshika’s fears and will available to make her life of joy?
Join the journey of these two beautiful souls in the exploration of true love.
Let's see how story will take interesting twist and turns!