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Unknown Love - Episode 23

Anshika was enjoying the ceremony and dancing with Nile on romantic song.
Tani got jealous seeing them dancing together, Nile kiss on Anshika cheek. She get shy on his act and runs towards Ranveer and hugs him.
Kashish tease her and says, " Oh...Nile today finally confess his love but are you really want engaged with me. Excuse me, Nile please come here Anshika changed the decision..."
Anshika suddenly says with blushed face, "Oh...offo, Kashish just shut up and I am ready to get engage with him."
Nile pick her up in his arms and Ranveer's family get angry on Kashish and Ranveer.
Ranveer's father says, " Just stop this nonsense. Ranveer, we are not interested in your life decision and enjoy the ceremony."
Ranveer get angry and Kashish try to stop him but he says, " Papa, I thought you must understand my feelings for Kashish. She is from good family and they have business of catering but not so rich as we are, but see the family values. For you matter only status and money. I love her and will get engage with her today in front of you wait here and see."
Ranveer asked Kavi to bring rings and they both exchange the rings and complete the ritual.
Ranveer's family with family leave the ceremony and go from there with annoyed feeling.
But for Ranveer it doesn't matters, as his family never fulfill his wishes and dreams, so decided his life partner would be of his choice.
Vikram arrives to attend function but when he saw Nile with Anshika get angry and thinks to cancel her engagement with him.
Rajawat, Kashish's father and Anshika's father was dancing together.
After the rituals, they have dinner together as they was hungry after so much enjoyment.
Anshika saw Vikram not eaten food properly and asked him, " Vikram brother, what happened you not eaten food properly. Is everything okay?"
Vikram take her to a room and show the recording of Nile. Anshika get shocked and says, " Nile...no but he...how...no..bro!"
Vikram says with emotional face and worry, "Anshika, my dear he cheating us and for him no relationship matters. For him the money and luxury lifestyle is important. I think his father is showing off just for his sake and wish."
Anshika says with annoyed feeling, " If he really upto doing bad work and trying to save that criminal. He has to face huge problems and my real face. He thinks I love him so I will forgive him, never. I never thought about that Nile will do it. I have a plan to show as if you are guilty and I don't know what to you say? For me you are forgiving him. Then we will spy on him and collect the evidence and expose him in front of everyone."
Vikram agrees on her idea and they plan to collect the evidence against Nile.
Anshika was sad and in mind says, " Nile you always have high hopes of dream of luxury lifestyle. I don't ever think about you would get so much careless and will do this bad work. Well, you will get punish for this I will never support you."
Next morning, in office everyone was planning to investigate the case again. Nile then surprise everyone by his talk.
Nile says with attitude by giving envelope to Rajawat, " Sir, this my resignation letter. Sorry, for working here feeling uncomfortable under Vikram. He doesn't trust me and you doubt on me."
Vikram get annoyed with his act and says, "Oh... I forgot that I should reward you for your patience and support. Sir, he is helping that criminal and have confession of him."