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Unknown Love - Episode 22

Anshika and Rajveer sit on couch in living room. Anshika reading the file and says with emotional voice, "Rajveer, this time I won't forgive him and Shammi. They not only destroy my life but many family suffered because of them and I think they are now also suffering. I tell about my past life story."

Anshika was really happy for selection as senior police officer. Her all friends got different position in different states. 
Anshika got posted to Bela Nagar and she was excited with her dream job.
Her family was happy for selection and she says, " Maa...I am happy as today finally got appointment letter. Rajawat uncle and Ayesha anuty you know I will work with Vikram bro. Yippee...I am excited and you know Ranveer too. That cool and flirty Nile too joining with me."
Tani come and hugs Vikram, she says, "Vikram, I happy for her and take your pen."
All was good but Nile was greedy of luxury lifestyle and but he joined job for Anshika as he loves her, Vikram loves Tani.
Vikram tells Anshika that Nile's Dad had come to her house for proposal marriage for his son Nile. Anshika feels shy and says, "Really, but..."
Nile arrives to her house to surprise her and says, " Don't worry my love I am here and don't start saying that I am not of your status...etc..."
Anshika hugs Nile and they all tease team by saying that, they should get marry soon. Only one person was not happy that was Tani.
After few months, joining the job all was going good, but then a case comes which was danger to handle.
Anshika, Vikram and Nile was appointed to handle it, that time Rajawat was ACP.
They go to a spot were a dead body was spotted in a cement factory which was not in working state, so no one was there to or victim to interrogate. The area was not so crowded and this factory was out of town. Nile and Anshika tells there is no evidence found but only dagger found and that man was murdered very badly.
Nile found an evidence against that murderer but he hide it from them. Vikram feels something is missing and remember his phone and laptop from dead body's office bag.
Two more dead body found but their condition was more worst, as it looks like it have murdered 3-4 days before.
The forensic doctor after checking the dead body find out that they are not murdered in the factory and it was murdered in another place.
Few hours later, Nile make a call to someone and says, " As you told I have robbed the mobiles and laptop. I found a clip that is common, it's about you murdering someone. But, I will handover the evidence to you only on one condition, you have to make me partner in your business. I know your whole history."
Vikram was standing behind Nile, Nile after talk turns back and see Vikram standing.
Nile warns him to stay away from him otherwise he have to pay for it.
Vikram asked him to resign from job and Tani arrives by annoyed feeling. Vikram seeing Tani asked to stay away from him and these matter. Nile says with evil smile, " I joined this job for Anshika and if you try to create problem, then I will become problem for you. For me my dreams are important than any relation."
Nile and Tani walks out from there with anger and attitude.
Vikram recorded his evil confession in phone and send it to Anshika.
Anshika was attending the Ranveer-Kashish engagement ceremony.
Kashish's family was happy and but Ranveer's family don't like Kashish as she not belong to rich family. They both were in love but got engaged to each other for Kashish's family wish.
Tani, Nile, Kavi, Harsh and Aditya was also came to attend the engagement ceremony.