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Unknown Love - Episode 42

Rajveer and Anshika was injured, Rajveer's mother seeing them screams louder to wake up them.
Shammi asked her to shut up, Rajawat reach with team but seeing Rajveer and Anshika unconscious lying with badly injured.
Shammi as Limi to pour the water on them to wake up them. Rajveer wake up and coughs, he slowly get up and see Anshika unconscious get worried and screams, "Anshika... Anshika wake up... please don't...give up. I am good and see my mother...Mom...she is not waking up. Anshika I love you and I can't see you in this way... please...!"
Rajveer and his mother Sarika cries and says, "Rajveer...my son...she is good and she also loves you. She told me about you and you rescue me... Shammi...I will never forgive you!"
Shammi get shock that Rajveer is his son and say with hestiation, "Rajveer...you my son means Anshika was saying true...but whatever I don't want you all...Limi planned according to me. Shoot them!"
Rajawat and his team attack them and Rajveer break the rope tie in his hands and legs. Rajveer in anger beats the goons badly and in one punch he make goons weaker. Rajveer seeing his mother remove her rope tie in hand and legs. Rajveer tells Sarika to see Anshika and try to wake up her.
Rajveer was trapped by five goons, but Ranveer and Kashish comes to help. Kavi was injured so doctor treated him and bandage his wounds. Harsh and Kavi was handling the office.
Rajawat, Ranveer, Kashish, Aditya and with others constables arrested the injured goons. Shammi saw Anshika is unconscious and he try to shoot Sarika but, Anshika comes between. Anshika get shoot, Sarika screams, "Anshika...no... Rajveer see...!"
Rajveer and everyone comes running towards Anshika.
Suddenly, Shammi also get shoot then everyone see Nile shoot him, Anshika get up and walks towards Nile.
Nile with tears in eyes say with smile, "No...stop there and listen to me. Hey, buddy Ranveer record this... please... Anshika please...stop see you are badly injured."
Ranveer asked Kashish to video record his talk as he said.
Anshika try to walk and say but she was going to fall. Rajveer handles Anshika by holding her arms tightly. She stand by Rajveer's support.
Anshika say with hestiation, "Rajveer...stop...him..., he is going to take a...a..ah...oh... wrong step.Nile...please for your kid stop...!"
Nile say with emotional feeling, "I have not killed your family and Vikram bro...Tani and my Dad killed Rahat uncle help them. Sorry Rajveer, Rahat never want Anshika to stay with you as his real evil face would come in front of all. As, he revealed all secrets of us and Anshika...he is responsible but for Rajveer he try to change but Mr.Verma tell Shammi to kill him. Anshi...I also love them means your family and Vikram bro, because I love you! But Tani create misunderstanding between us and you broke up me. I know that time I was in ego, so not understand your situation and talk. In greedy of luxury lifestyle and career I lost my love. When I married to Tani then realised your words and that little boy is my son... please I told everything to him. Please take care of him as I want at least he should get good family and life. Please it's last wish and one more thing I murdered Tani and Mr.Verma...Mr.Verma my dad unfortunately...bye. I am happy as you got good partner like Rajveer... Rajveer take care of her. I realise you love her a lot. Anshika I love you too...bye! Take care of my son Ansh!"
Suddenly, a big blast and Nile got dead in it, as he put on the time bomb in his coat and click the tricker.
Anshika screams, "No...Nile... Rajveer...I...?"
Anshika get unconscious and Rajveer also get fanits seeing her.
Rajawat seeing them, say with tension, "We need to take them to immediately to the hospital now!"