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Love By Accident - 12

It was that day when Arnav felt so terrible. He was just cursing himself again and again. After he returned from the college, he went straight to the upstairs and locked his door from inside. He didn’t talk to his mother and played with her sister that day. It was very unusual for him to behave like this. His mom also felt very strange. She knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what it was. Arnav locked himself in his room all that day. In the evening his sister knocked on the door, but he said that he was doing a college project. He would come to dinner at night. He thought why the hell in the world he did that with her. He knew she was wrong when she scolded him in the library but still, he shouldn’t have done that. And what he was thinking to achieve by hiding all those letters. He was very sad. He hadn’t even freshened up yet. At about 9.00pm, his mother called him for dinner. After about 10 minutes, he came down. His face was pale, his eyes were red. He simply came down and took his seat at the dining table. He was silent during the dinner. He finished his dinner quickly and went to his room. His mother didn’t want to disturb him by asking him further questions. He turned the lights off in his room, opened the window. A sweet blow of the air blew into his room and filled his room with essence. It was about 9.30pm, but he decided to call it a day. He threw himself on the bed, still thinking how to convince her and say sorry. He wanted to end their misunderstanding at once. He was thinking what to do and when a deep slumber engulfed him, he didn’t know. 
The very next day, Arnav woke up early and finished all his chores. He had figured out how to say sorry. He would gift her chocolates and say sorry and explain to her that he neither had wrong intensions nor did he want to hurt her. He set his hair, wore a fine set of clothes and went to college. Before arriving at college, he managed to buy chocolates. He hurried to his class. During the break, he asked Sahil to come with him and went to find Ayesha’s classroom. He searched in several rooms but couldn’t find her. He asked some of the first-year students, but none of them knew about her. After all, it was only 2 months till the classes had started. He became sad, Sahil could see this clearly in his eyes. After searching for about half an hour, they headed to their rooms. While going through the hallways, he saw Ritu and Sara were coming from opposite side. They were holding the books. Perhaps they were in the library. Arnav rushed to them. Upon seeing him, Sara turned away her face. Arnav asked, 
Arnav: Hey listen!!! I am so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I was just so terrible. I don’t know why I did that. Please forgive me. Please tell me where Ayesha is. I want to apologize to her. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Please. 
Sara: Can’t you remember a simple thing? I told you don’t come near her. Otherwise, I will not forget to register a complaint against you.  
Ritu: Sara! Cool down. Don’t be so angry. He is our senior. Behave yourself. 
Sara: Sorry. But I won’t let him hurt her again.  
Ritu: Pardon sir. But please stay away from Ayesha. She can’t forget this thing easily. It will take time. So please. It will be good for both of you to stay away from each other. 
Arnav: Please tell me where she is. I just wanted to say sorry to her once. And I will never face her again. I just want to close this chapter here. So please tell me.  
When none of them responded Arnav said “Fine. I will go to the library and say sorry.” And he went towards the library. But Sara spoke from his back, “Don’t waste your time searching her. She has not come to college today. She has a fever. All thanks to that B*tch and you, she was terrified and hurt.” 
Upon listening to this, Arnav’s leg stopped. He was literally blank. He didn’t say another word and went to the theatre room because it was all empty and no one was there at the moment. He needed some time to think. He needed some time to put Sara’s word in mind. He needed some time to curse himself. 
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