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The Rainbow of life...5

5. Aabha and Rohan meet in a restaurant-


Rohan decided to meet in a decent restaurant and he came at the place before time. Rohan was also very punctual but at the same time he didn't want to create a bad impression in the 1st meeting so he reached the hotel early. He was waiting for Aabha... He was checking the time again and again.. And he saw Aabha entering in the hotel. He was happy to see Aabha. Aabha was wearing a nice dress.. And a little touch up... Aabha always hated heavy makeup. She wanted to keep the look simple. But still she was looking fresh and attractive. . She parked her car and started searching Rohan. She didn't see Rohan so she was a bit annoyed. She was about to call Rohan.. so she opened her purse to take out the mobile. But suddenly saw Rohan coming... And she smiled..

"Hey Rohan, you are before time "

"Ha-ha.. I am never late Aabha. I had told you that I will be before time. And I value other's time . Even I don't like to keep people waiting for me. " Rohan said..

"That is a very nice habit Rohan . Nice to know this quality in you. So shall we go inside the restaurant? Or we are supposed to talk here outside the restaurant?" Aabha asked Rohan with a sarcastic smile...

"Oh very sorry Aabha . Lets walk inside the restaurant "

"Ok.. btw, Rohan, nice choice of place . Very good ambience and feeling very pleasant. It is my favourite restaurant."

"Thank you Aabha. " Rohan said this and both entered the restaurant. Both sat on a place from where the view was the best view. Aabha was pleased to see the lovely view.. and she immediately said, "What a lovely view. I had been here many times but never saw this beautiful view.. May be never noticed it before. "

"Yeah.. This is a good restaurant and this is my favourite place in this restaurant. And maybe you didn't notice this view because you never came with me. ha-ha! Just kidding... don't be serious. So tell me, what would you like to have?"

"Mm.." Aabha thought for a while and she replied, "I am not so foodie. You order whatever you like for me too.."

"Ok.." Rohan replied and called the waiter. He placed the order and started conversing with Aabha . "So tell me, what you do? I think you do not work anywhere? Am I right?" After listening to Rohan's question Aabha laughed..

"You are right Rohan. We have our own business but I did not prefer joining our business..Pappa wanted me to join him in his business but I don't want it right now "

"Nice... then what you do?"

"I am an author . Writing is my passion . And instead of doing job for money, I preferred following my dream. I had decided that after finishing my 12th.. And life is too short.. why wait to fulfil the dreams?"

"Wow. It needs courage to take such decisions . Seriously.. btw, you wanted to be an author then why did you come for engineering?" Rohan asked surprisingly, "You could have done your graduation in arts "

"Ha-ha.." Aabha laughed, "I am the only child in our house. And our business is huge. So Pappa wanted me to join his business. It was his wish that I should complete my graduation in Engineering so completed his dream. And it was good for me too. I completed engineering successfully and now it is time to follow my dream . And In case I can't become an author, plan B should be ready. . And in case I am bored of writing, I can join our business anytime. I will be always welcomed in our office." Aabha was excited when she talked about her passion. Rohan noticed a that in her eyes.. He was about to talk but that time waiter came.. So he chose to keep silent . Waiter kept the food on table and he left....after the waiter went Rohan started talking..

"Please start having the food. I have ordered what I like, I hope, you also would like it."

"You have ordered so much Rohan? ha-ha! I can't eat so much!!"

"Take your time. I am not in a hurry. And Seems you are very smart..and you always follow your inner voice . So what are you writing?"

"Thanks!! I write regularly in magazines, newspapers but now I wish to write long stories and then big novels. That is my dream of writing a big novel. "

"Wow! Your plan is ready. And seems you love your life. . All the best with your work . Tell me, did your article publish in the newspaper 2 days back? I think I saw your name. but didn't realize it can be you ."

"Oh nice... you read my article in the newspaper? And I know, there are so many people with the same name. So it is difficult to know if it was me. Good.. you read my article. I will need your feedback "

"It was very nicely written. I could easily connect with it. Your writing flow is so good.. I actually could imagine everything is happening in front of my eyes. "

"Oh my God.. I think you are exaggerating. I need to improve upon my writing. "

"Trust me you write so good.. and next time do inform me when your writing is published anywhere. "

"Sure.. I would do it. If it is not possible to call, I will text you . And Indeed, I love my life. Why keep crying in life? Life is very beautiful if lived fully . and Thank you Rohan. " Aabha smiled.. "You tell me, what is your routine like?"

"Oh.. you wish to know my routine?"


"Ok.. But my life is not as beautiful as yours. My life is not exciting like yours. Every day I follow the same routine. .ha-ha "

"If you like your routine, then what is the problem living same life every day?"

"Right.. I love my work. I am kind of workaholic person. But I told you before also, 5 days hectic life but remaining 2 days I hate to work. "

"That is nice.. What you do remaining 2 days? You follow any special hobbies?" Aabha inquired out of curiosity..

"Yeah.." Rohan smiled.. "I love photography. I like to travel and see new things. I am always in search of new...New means new experiences.. I do not restrict myself to anything "

"Sounds great.. I would love to see your photographs. . And do share your experiences . Btw, why u said, your life is not exciting? It is very exciting . More exciting than my life " Aabha said with excitement, " Sometimes I feel, I restrict myself to only a few things "

"Are.. nothing like that. Everyone has some views about living life. Few follow their inner voice.. few only run behind money. Every person is unique.. And 2 persons cannot be compared. If what you do gives you happiness then it is the best thing for you. No need to think twice about that. By the way... do mail me your stories and articles which are already published.. I wish to read them. Sometimes I love reading too.. But I am selective in reading."

"Sure..And Rohan," Aabha paused..

"What?" Rohan was waiting to hear what Rama would say . "Yes.. Give me some time to think... ha-ha " Aabha took a pause again and started talking.. "You sound so matured. I could feel that. "

"Ha-ha... I hope, you are not saying this sarcastically..."

"No no.. Why you thought that? I was very serious. I meant what I said. and Sorry.. I can't send you my articles.. You were not sarcastic then good... And thank you for your compliments. " Aabha replied with a smile

Rohan thought for a while, "But why you can't send me your articles?"

"Ha-ha... How will I mail you my writings if I don't have your email?"

"Oh.. ha-ha. I was assuming, you have my worries. I will share my email. You save it and mail me from your id.." Rohan shared his email id... Aabha saved his email and told him that he would mail her articles.

Both were enjoying each other's company. It was the 1st time when they were getting to know each other so well.. Aabha started talking..

"Rohan.. tell me, how I never saw you in our college?"

"Good question Aabha.." Rohan replied, "You never saw me in the college because I changed the college "

"Oh my God... " Aabha was shocked to hear Rohan's answer. "Why did you change the college..? It was a good college "

"Ha-ha... I was not clear with my thoughts at the time of taking admission. And realized what I want to do a bit late. I was not firm like you . I had taken E & TC stream. When I got admission in E & TC, I was very happy but later on realized, it was my mistake. Somehow felt, computer would be a better option for me. so I shifted to another college and took computer stream. "

"Nice.. at least you understood what you don't like. Only few people understand what they want in life and they walk on that path. So did you enjoy your study afterwards?"

"Indeed.. I completed computer engineering successfully and got selected in a MNC in the campus interview. It is been a year.. and expecting my 2nd promotion in some days "

"Awesome.. Do inform me when you get your next promotion. Hey Rohan.. I was wondering, you could have shifted to computer job after doing E & TC as well.. many do the same. What was the need of changing the stream?"

"Oh my God.. nice to hear this question . nobody asked me this question before. Felt good.. I was expecting that somebody would ask me this question but no one really was bothered to ask why I changed the steam. Actually, later my thinking was very clear.. if I was not interested in doing E & TC then why unnecessarily study that? But understood that late though. My liking is computer and then why not to opt for computer engineering. And thankfully got good marks in 1st year and could easily change the stream. And got the best college for computer engineering ."

"So nice... you did what you like. Only few people actually listen to their hearts . I have a question . It is just a question out of curiosity Rohan, How much importance you give for marks?" Aabha was curious to know his views on this so she inquired to Rohan.

"Ha-ha.. Obviously in India marks are important but more than marks understanding the subject is more important. And at the end of the day what new did you learn that matters. " Rohan laughed and replied..

"Wow!! Our thoughts are similar. Nice to find someone who thinks same as me. I have met many people but everybody wants to run behind the money and follow somebody.. There can be many people who think like this but I never met anyone with so clear thoughts. "

"I think the same and I totally agree with you . I think we should meet often. What say..?" After saying this Rohan stared at Aabha . Aabha laughed and replied to Rohan,"Ha-ha! let's see. But well said, it is good to be in touch with those who think alike!! "

"Why did you laugh Aabha... I said it casually. I think, you were very serious. ha-ha.."

"Oh.. ha-ha. Wait Rohan.. now let me finish my food. You ordered so much. I don't eat so much " Aabha said with a sigh..

"Take your time Aabha.. and I think, you eat very less. Just to maintain your figure?" Rohan inquired...

"Oh my no. I eat less from my childhood " Aabha laughed and replied to Rohan.

Few minuets went in silence. Aabha somehow managed to finish the food and she took a big sigh. "Next time I will order my food.." Aabha laughed...

"Nah.. I think, I will order for you every time. "

"No No..." Aabha immediately replied. Both had a good laugh..

Aabha checked the timing... at was late.. she asked Rohan, "Hey Rohan.. see the time. The time has passed so quickly. Though it was nice spending time with you... I did not feel like looking at the watch. "

"Yes, We should leave now. I will pay the bill and we will leave . Just give me a minute.."

"Hey Rohan, Why are you going to pay my bill? It should be fifty fifty " Aabha raised her eyebrows and said to Rohan.. Rohan replied to her,"No no.. I had called you so I will pay the bill.."

"This is wrong Rohan. "

"It might be wrong but still I am going to pay today's bill...please don't argue now. " Rohan didn't let Aabha talk anything... and paid the bill.. Both came out of the restaurant. Rohan asked Aabha..

"Should I drop you home?"

"No no.. I have got my car. " Aabha thought for a while, "You want to know my home address?"

" no Aabha. Don't take me wrong. It is already late so thought of dropping you home. "

"Thank you Rohan. It's really kind of you... but I can take care of myself. " Aabha smiled, "My mumma and pappa have made me independent. "

"Good.." Rohan said while walking towards the parking..

They both reached he parking.. Aabha said bye and sat in her car and left from there. Rohan was watching Aabha . He couldn't take his eyes out of her. It was a memorable day for Rohan especially..


Anuja Kulkarni.