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Our Imperfect Marriage - 1

I was sitting on the window with the deep thought which was haunting me from last Sunday. And my thought process stopped with Questions. Are you okay? Do you want to talk? I know the owner of the voice. At that time, I was not so sure about letting out things, so I only nodded and shifted a little and gave him a clue that he can sit beside me but as usual, he stood there for a few seconds and then left. It did not disappoint me anymore, I got back to my thoughts with a lot of Doubts, Unanswered Questions, Anger, and the things which were hurting me more were his painful eyes.

After almost 30 minutes Door opened and Akshat came close to me and stood there for seconds and asked me, can I sit? I turned confusingly and got more confused by looking at his hand, which he was holding from the last 5 minutes. I just smiled and moved slightly so he could adjust himself. There was an uncomfortable yet comfortable silence between us. It felt like, it’s a perfect date for our imperfect marriage. Moon’s bright light, Our breathing sounds, And our different filled mugs. He broke the silence between us after a few minutes and asked, are you worried about something? I could not hold further so I chose to let out what is bothering me. I started to share with big doubts in my mind, Will he understand?

I took a deep breath and said it’s a story of my past. I did not dare to look into Akshat's eyes, but I could feel his intense eyes were on me. The guy who was in a restaurant on Sunday night when we went for dinner, the same guy who gave you car keys which you forgot on the table. Akshat said, Oh that gentleman! while recollecting the scene. I nodded again and said 2 years ago, around July, I asked some of my friends to go to Marine Drive with me, but they were busy with their schedule, so I ended up going alone. I reached around 4.30. After reaching that place, I got a vibe, something was going to happen, something good, but I could not figure out what, but I was sure about that vibe.

I started to walk around and started searching for a place for me to sit, and there I saw a group of people. While one Couple was Singing, One couple was enjoying the song holding each other’s hand and one girl's head was leaning on her guy’s shoulder. What actually caught my eye was the guy who was playing guitar.

I smiled, and just beside them, I saw a vacant place and got a sudden feeling that it would be great to sit next to them. I could hear that mellow music. Clouds looked beautiful that day along with a cozy breeze coming alongside the sea. I just wanted to see the sunset and capture that moment in my heart. I had a novel in my hand which  I was carrying with me.

I just sat down and started reading ‘A Half Baked Love Story’. But I was not able to concentrate fully on my book as my mind was moving again and again to that guy who was playing guitar. To my bad, I Couldn’t avoid looking at him. The girl who was singing, caught me staring at her friend, and after a few minutes when their song ended they shared a few words with me, which I could not hear because of the distance and the sound of thunder. But I guess they were talking about me. So the next thing I did was look up and the rain saved me from that embarrassing moment. 



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